ILikeCheats –ESP Evil Aimbot Allow Target Changing Instantly After Killing The Enemy

If you like to play First-person shooter video games, then you must play COD before. It is a brand new sequel called Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, launched in 2019, and it is famous because of its impressive gameplay and graphics. You will find realistic graphics in the game that are completely mesmerizing.

It doesn’t matter which game mode you are playing in COD modern warfare, but if you are not able to control weapons properly, then the chance of survival will be decreased. However, when a player trusts the ILikeCheats ESP Evil aimbot, then it never breaks the trust, so it allows the gamer to ideally aiming the target and get kills quickly.

There will be no chance that you miss a single shot after using the ESP evil aimbot that is becoming famous so that you can check out the recent price of this cheat online. Now when you play RUST game, it becomes imperative to apply quality Rust hacks in order to dominate it. Here are some more facts about the COD: Modern Warfare game.

COD: Modern Warfare Weapons and Blueprints 

Welcome to the most realistic and mind-blowing shooting game that comes with such a significant number of weapons and blueprints. When you are playing a new gamer, then everything may look quite complicated for you, but if you are using your mind and ideally start playing the game, then it will give you a significant number of options automatically, which can be really fantastic for you. People should check out entire things wisely and choose a better option easily from these weapons–

  1. Assault Rifles – First of all, ARs are a famous and primary choice of every COD player because of their mind-blowing firing speed along with significant damage. It would help if you tried various Assault rifles such as M4A1, FAL, FN Scar 17, AK-47, M13, Oden, CR-56 AMAX, An-94, RAM-7, and many more.
  2. Sub Machine Guns – Next weapons type is SMGs, so when you are using this particular type of machine, then it will allow you to better firing speed and lower re-coiling, so it will make your work of killing the target easier automatically. You can check out SMGs example, AUG, P90, MP5, UZI, MP7, PP18 Bizon, ISO, and CX-9, and so on.
  3. Shotguns – whenever you are looking for weapons with higher damage, then you should go for the Shotguns that are entirely wonderful. You can use shotguns like Model 680, R9-0 Shotgun, 725, Origins 12, VLK Rogue, and JAK-12, which can be a great option of weapon.
  4. LMGs – Light machine guns are also pretty famous in the COD game because of their fantastic firing speed, so you should try out the M91, MG34, PKM, Bruen MK9, Finn LMG, RAAL MG, Holger-26, and many others.
  5. Marksman Rifles – People really like to use rifles in the game because of their unique scoping features, so you should not forget various attachments that come with the marksman that you should use definitely so that you will get Kar98k, Crossbow, SKS and SP-R 208.
  6. Sniper Rifles – If you are a long-range camper, then you should choose one of the best sniper rifles in the game. You have options like AX-50, Rytec AMR, HDR, Dragunov, and so on. Therefore, you need to use the scope like 8x or 6x in order to attach with the sniper and then kill many targets according to from long range.
  7. Handguns – Handguns mean pistols, so you have various options in the handguns like m19, Sykov, Renzetti, .50 GS, X16, and many others that are used as a backup in the game. When you’re other weapons start getting reloading, then you should use this great option.
  8. Rocket Launchers – when it comes to blasting a vehicle or a whole squad in the house, then we need to use a rocket launcher. You have various options in the game, such as PILA, Strela-P, JOKR, RPG-7, and some others, so you can easily choose the best option for killing a squad quickly.
  9. Melee – Last but not least is a melee weapon, so you have various option melees as well. Let me start with the combat knife, the second is kali sticks and dual kodachi, and the other is Riot Shield that you should in an emergency.

Moving further, we have mentioned some great weapons types that you can easily able to choose today and able to choose for better outcomes. It is utterly incredible for people to check out entire things wisely that can be really effective for you. People should read everything about the game first and then use the weapons wisely.

Play smartly

It would help if you tried to play smartly in the game and try to stay in the play zone. Otherwise, toxic gas will kill you quickly when you go outside the zone that is quite risky for you. Therefore, try to be innovative and choose a better plan to kill the targets as soon as possible, which can be excellent for you. Not only this, you should permanently hide and use the TPP in order to see the movement of the other enemies. When you find any player, then it would be really best for you to kill the target quickly and easily, which can be really an excellent option for you.


The database includes entire blueprints that are launched so far in the game, and you can get them from the shop, season pass, or even in-game missions as well that can be really effective for you. Instead of this, you must like to use ILikeCheats ESP that allows you to see the enemy players movements on the map and also the wall hack that gives you the opportunity to see the player behind the walls, vehicle, or even on floors. Nevertheless, it is an entirely safe and secured option for the new gamers that they can quickly try and play this COD game anytime.

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