Importance Of Instagram Followers For A Small Business Owner

This pandemic has given thousands of people the chance to start their passion for small businesses. While big Businesses are now securing a separate budget and are keeping it aside to put their business on the platforms of various social media, small business owners have completely based their businesses on the platform of Instagram. For this reason, Instagram Followers are an essential part of every small business.

Even though, Instagram started out as a social media to connect with friends and family via photos and videos; lately, the new features and updates of Instagram have boosted innumerable businesses in a matter of months.  But why is Instagram really the go-to platform for all small business owners? Why is the entire base of Instagram followers so precious for small brands?

Why is Instagram a popular business platform?

Instagram is known to bring in new features and updates almost every other week. It has features that allow you to gathers insights into the posts that you share. Most of the business tools help in enhanced photo-sharing experience of products and services. While most brand uses Instagram to draw followers and grow a wider reach, small business owners are totally dependent on the Instagram followers for their sales.

How can you gain followers for your brand on Instagram?

One of the most crucial parts of doing business on Instagram is to have a generous number of followers. Followers help you maintain the power to establish dominance in your niche. While followers act as a face to speak for your brand’s honesty. It allows people to know that your brand is legitimate and true.  Other than that, new followers are potential customers who would avail of your products and services in the mere future. Furthermore, you need to be careful about spam activities. Very often these spam activities do a lot of harm to the Instagram account. If you do not know much about these facts then hiring a third party can be beneficial. For example, Spamguard claims to be helpful for blocking spam activity, keep the account clean and safe. However, before choosing any service it’s important to verify it. In this case, reading the Spamguard reviews and ratings will give a more clear idea about the tool. 

But, how does one attract new followers for his/her small business?

By posting content- when you start posting regularly, your brand tends to have more content. People will have the option to choose from a variety of services and products.  By regular posting of content, your brand would seem consistent and it will draw more people towards it. Writing small little stories about every piece of product and service adds up the value of your brand because let’s are honest here; we are social beings and we like stories.

Participate in trends- while most small business owners post only about their products and owners, the small businesses who do better and have more followers and wider reach participate in trends. Instagram is one of the most popular platforms which give birth to regular trends. Most of these trends go viral as Instagram has the power to blow up these trends if people know the right strategies and tricks.  Participating in such trends also allows your page to show up on people’s for your page. Such people prefer to keep up with every ongoing trend on Instagram. 

Many big brands and businesses are now participating in these viral trends through their employees. This increases views and traffic since reels on trends often land on for you pages of thousands of people. This makes work more fun, yet it boasts the brand name.

The key to more engagement and conversions is to make your brand flexible. Don’t just commit to posting photos and videos of your products and services; incorporate fun into your work.

Connecting with people through back stories– another reason why small business owners do great on the platform of Instagram is that they give their followers the access to see the process and creation of the products and services. This is done, mainly through between-the-shoot videos, process videos, packaging videos, reaction videos, and even videos of owners talking about the idea behind some of their products and services. This allows small business owners to foster a relationship with their followers through these small impromptu videos. 

Hashtags– hashtags have the power to immensely boost posts and videos. With the right hashtags, people can find your products and services and thus, find your brand or business. This could be explained better with an example, say you are a small business owner and your products and services include baking. So your hashtags would be related to food, mostly baking and cakes. This would allow people interested in food and to be precise, cakes and baking would find your posts (photos and videos). As a result, more people will find your account and start following you.

Create a unique line up- even if you are consistent with your content on Instagram, your chances of gaining Instagram followers would increase only when you are creative with how you post your content. Don’t be random and haphazard. Don’t just post content for the sake of it, this would decrease your traffic because it wouldn’t be appealing, to say the least.  Most small business owners maintain a color palette while posting content. This looks more appealing to the eyes and has a hint of dedication which people would identify as hard work and consistency.  Take time out to understand what color palette goes best with your brand, whether any specific color tones would bring out your products and services. 

Instagram Carousel– recent features of Instagram allow users to share up to 10 photos or videos together as a single post. Most small business owners use this feature to show different sides and angles of their products and services. This gives a better view of the products and certainly attracts more people to become customers.

Growing your Instagram is a lengthy and slow process. Even though it surely blows your small business up, it surely takes a lot of patience and effort. This free social media platform allows you to set your business up and start posting your products and services to let people see them and purchase them thereafter. 

While most people grow followers on Instagram organically, if you happen to have a bigger budget you could speed up the entire process by buying followers through It’s a fast, easy and an absolutely the safe way to gain Instagram Followers for your small business on Instagram.

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