Is Slingo A Slot Game Type?

Slots were invented in 1894 and even back then, it didn’t take long for others to experiment with the format. Eventually, this led to slot machines with more reels and more symbols. Gambling bans back then also helped to influence the future of slots along with advances in technology.

Slots became vending machines during prohibition, and they dispensed sweets instead of cash. Gambling-orientated symbols were swapped for fruits on the reels. Unexpectedly, once gambling bans were lifted, fruits remained and became a major part of slot symbols, and they still stand their ground in the hi-tech world of virtual top slots and live games today. 

Bingo Origins 

The origins of bingo can be traced back to Italy in 1530 and this is because it is believed that bingo is based on an Italian lottery game that was popular during this era like 파워볼. Bingo has been described as a direct spin-off from this Italian game and it is the French who were behind the invention of bingo that hit the UK in the 18th century. Like slots, bingo underwent further changes and eventually ended up online as well. 

Bingo and Slots Online  

Today bingo and slots lie side by side with each other online, at the same virtual gambling venues. The problem is that these games divide customers and until recently, female gamblers would side with bingo and male customers would stick to slots. Bingo has lost out in this battle of popularity and the answer to readdressing the balance has been the invention of the slot/bingo hybrid which is better known as Slingo. 

Slingo a Closer Look 

Slingo mixes the speed and excitement of slots with elements of 75 ball bingo, it is played on a 5×5 grid that resembles a 75-ball bingo card. Slingo was created by New Jersey real estate developer Sal Falciglia SR. in 1994 and when the game was eventually release, it increased in popularity quickly. This game aims to bring slot players to bingo and bingo players to slots and it has excelled at doing this. The best way to describe Slingo is 50 percent slot game and 50 percent bingo card. 

Slingo On the Rise 

Slingo was released in 1996 as a free game to play for fun on the AOL platform. This was also used as a way of testing this hybrid game on the public. The success means that many slot games are being given a Slingo makeover and the game has also developed further because of this. 

Slingo Symbols 

A Joker is wild in Slingo and it can tick off any number in a column on a grid. A Super Joker helps to tick off any number anywhere. Jokers and Super Jokers can win players instant cash prizes, without the need to cross out any numbers. For this to happen, three or more Jokers or Super Jokers must be landed during an individual spin. A free spin icon wins players one free spin, and a Coin symbol can win players’ cash. 

Final Thoughts 

Due to the success of this bingo/slot hybrid, many new variants are constantly being released to make this novel game type even more appealing to the masses. Whether it can truly captivate hardened slot players remains to be seen.

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