IWC Ingenieur Watch Collection: Created And Designed For Engineers

The International Watch Company or IWC is a Swiss watch company located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. It has an American founder named Florentine Ariosto Jones. IWC is famous for its watches for pilots and aviation use.

A renowned collection of sporty watches is the IWC Ingenieur. It aims to combine elegance and sportiness in a watch, showing the art and skill of watchmaking. The latest watches in the collection took their inspiration from the 1950s first collection.

Wherein at the time, the engineers are the leaders of innovation. They are the ones who designed and made the IWC Ingenieur watch. Know that this watch is not only robust but also has a magnificent look.

Features of the Ingenieur Collection

The IWC Ingenieur Collection is an engineer’s watch. Its functions are like a car engine and have a simple easy to read design. It has a beautiful, sophisticated hand and advanced winding system. The materials used are ceramic and titanium, which you can find in motorsports.

The Ingenieur collection emphasizes the functionality and robust design of the watch. It can withstand shock, screen from the magnetic field, and is water-resistant. The stainless steel watch bracelet has a button to adjust the length of the strap easily. Using one hand, you can adjust the strap to your comfort. It has a satin finish and is comfortable to wear.

Popular Watch Models

Ingenieur Automatic

The automatic Ingenieur watch model has three design variations. The silver stainless steel with the same material for its bracelet, the silver stainless steel with black alligator leather bracelet, and the 18 ct gold with black alligator leather strap.

The automatic models have a 40-millimeter case and 12 bar water-resistant. Two have a black dial, the gold and the silver with steel strap, while the silver with black leather strap has a white dial. It boasts a 42 hours power reserve and has 25 jewels.

A date display is at 3 o’clock, and all have a sapphire glass cover. This model has the most straightforward dial design in the Ingenieur collection. This model is for the sporty type but wants to have a minimalist watch design.

Ingenieur Chronograph

This model has three variations. The stainless steel has a blue or white dial, and the gold has a slate-colored dial. The stainless steel models have stainless steel strap, while the 18 ct gold has a black alligator leather strap.

The case is 42.3 millimeters in diameter and has a sapphire front and back cover. The back part is see-through. It also has 12 bar water resistance and has 46 hours of power reserve. Its watch movement has 33 jewels, and the dial has luminescence. The chronographs are the hours, minutes, and seconds. It is for you if you want to keep track of time accurately.

Ingenieur Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month

As the Ingenieur collection flagship, it is the rebirth of the first Ingenieur in the 1950s. It has a simple and round case made of 18 ct gold. The calendar has a digital display set using its crown. It also includes the leap day every four years.

The gold bezel perfectly matches the silver dial and black hands. The black alligator leather strap has a excellent comfort on the wrist. It also has a chronograph function for hours, minutes, and seconds. This model is the largest among all Ingenieur watches with a 45-millimeter case, 12 bar water-resistant, and an automatic movement with 51 jewels.

It also has the most prominent power reserve of 68 hours. There are only 100 pieces available for the Ingenieur watch model. So if you find this watch is for you, get one immediately.

How IWC Makes Their Watches

The timepieces made by the International Watch Company all start with a goal in mind. They are answering the purpose of the next watch they are creating. With the computer-aided design, the watch will have its model. The feel and sound of the parts when moved is also essential.

The watches then undergo a quality check. IWC uses computer simulations to test the watch under extreme conditions. When the watch design passes these, the prototype will experience much more tests to ensure it is durable. The tests include corrosion, UV, abrasion, and climate tests. Finally, they assemble the watch and will have to pass the final inspection.


The International Watch Company has been around for about 150 years. They always uphold the quality of Swiss-made watches. With the Ingenieur collection, IWC engineers created a watch that works as an engine of motorsports cars. The watch movement is highly technical.

The Ingenieur timepieces have unique features that are not available in other collections. IWC also caters if you want to have your watch customized by adding an individual engraving. Each of the Ingenieur watches has different functions and features. It would help if you decided on what you want to be on your watch. Then get the one that feels right for you.

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