Learn How To Play Games On My 11 Circle App

The fantasy cricket industry in India is flourishing. Currently, My 11 Circle, which is a relatively new fantasy cricket app, is one of the leading platforms in the market of fantasy-based games. In My 11 Circle, participants create their own virtual teams and score points based on actual matches, continuing the fantasy cricket tradition.

My 11 Circle differs from the other fantasy cricket applications available on the market thanks to a few intriguing new elements. You can visit the Play Store for My 11 circle apps download. If you are new to fantasy cricket then this article will help you understand how you can play fantasy games on the My 11 circle app.

My 11 Circle is one of the most popular games in the Google Play Store.

What is exactly My 11 Circle?

Two graduates of New York University, Trivikraman Thampy and Bhavin Pandya, launched the fantasy sports app My 11 Circle in January 2019 and that was the beginning of one of the most popular fantasy gaming apps. The My 11 circle app is a component of their Play Games24x7 business, which has been around since 2006.

The most popular rummy app in India, RummyCircle, was also made by PlayGames 24×7 and has more than 10 million registered users. Thanks to its collaboration with one of the most celebrated cricketers of all time Saurav Ganguly, My11Circle has swiftly become popular among fantasy gamers. 

More importantly, My 11 circle apps download reached more than 4 Cr. users due to its increased popularity during the IPL season. Although at the very beginning, My 11 Circle exclusively offered cricket, fantasy football enthusiasts may now participate in contests available on the app.

How to get My 11 circle apps downloaded on your mobile?

My 11 Circle apps download is readily available in the Google Play Store in case you are using an Android smartphone. You can directly download the game from Google Play Store and it will automatically install itself on your phone. After that, you can open the app and register yourself before you begin playing games.

If you are an iPhone user then you can directly visit the App Store and search for My 11 Circle apps download. In the search result, you will be able to find the My 11 Circle app and click on the ‘Get’ option to install it on your iPhone. It’s time to open the app and start playing My 11 Circle now that you have loaded it on your smartphone. In case you don’t want to register through the app, you can register yourself and play games using the My 11 Circle website.

You will receive a cash prize in My 11 Circle after 4 hours of playing the game.

How can you play games on My 11 Circle app?

My 11 Circle is a platform that lets you create your ideal 11-man team by selecting the individuals you believe would perform best in a real-world match. As soon as the game begins, you accrue points based on the player’s real performance. At the end of the match, the user with the most points wins the competition.

A common pool is used when you participate in a cash competition (with real money), and each player is compensated according to how they are placed in the ranking system. A service fee is deducted by My 11 Circle from each cash prize.

My 11 Circle can be deduced into three steps:

  • Select any particular match.
  • Create your My 11 Circle Team using the available players in the platform.
  • Participate in the contests to win cash prizes.

Go through the available list of matches and select one

You will see a list of forthcoming matches after installing the My 11 Circle app and creating an account. You can start assembling your Fantasy 11 squad by selecting any future game of your choice.

Create your own My 11 Circle Team

After choosing the match you wish to play, choose a starting 11 from each of the two sides.

You are given a budget of 100 credits (virtual money) by My 11 Circle to ‘purchase players for your fantasy squad. It is imperative that you provide your squad with these 100 credits. Keep in mind that you may only select up to 7 players from a single team. The following page will ask you to choose a captain and vice-captain for your My 11 Circle squad once you have chosen a total of 11 players.

Choose your captain and vice-captain wisely, since they will each get 1.5 times as many points for every point scored in a game, and the captain will receive double points (2X). Before the match’s deadline, you can switch the Captain or Vice-Captain and make any last-minute adjustments following the toss (before the first ball is bowled in the live match).

Participate in the contests to win cash prizes

Once you’ve finished building your squad, you may participate in one of three sorts of competitions (depending on your budget): private, free, or cash. Keep in mind that there is an upfront entrance fee for each cash competition. You can participate based on your confidence and ability level because the reward distribution for each tournament is made explicit.

Follow up with the match for results

Save your work, relax and watch the live game! Your My 11 Circle score will continuously update in real-time as your players score in the ongoing game. Your fantasy team’s final standing and score after the live game will be displayed under the completed tab. After four hours, your winning amount (according to the end results) will appear in your account.

Is it safe to download and play My 11 Circle?

My 11 circle apps download is completely safe, dependable, secure, and trustworthy. More importantly, millions of users play or utilize this app every day. The app, like the majority of reliable businesses, makes every effort to safeguard user information and passwords. The platform asserts to have robust security procedures, guidelines, and controls.

Is playing games in the My 11 Circle app legal?

Yes, My 11 Circle complies with all laws and regulations and is entirely legal. Furthermore, both the platform and its app are entirely legal since it is a game of skill rather than a game of chance. However, if you are using the app from the states of Assam, Orissa, or Telangana, you are not permitted to participate in cash contests on My 11 Circle since these states’ laws forbid residents from doing so.

To conclude

Another fantastic fantasy sports software, My 11 Circle has all the features a user could want. The app is simple to use and has a friendly layout for novice users. By participating in practice competitions on My 11 Circle, you can still enjoy fantasy cricket even if you don’t want to play cash contests. 

Another enjoyable gaming platform with more availability of more features and games is GetMega. In GetMega everyone receives cash prizes for participating and there are a plethora of games to enjoy on this platform.

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