Mastering Academic Writing Skills

Academic writing can be challenging for new college students who are used to writing at the high school level. Since research papers and essays will be required for virtually all courses students take (save maybe math and statistics), students need to really master academic writing while they have the benefit of an instructor who will work specifically with them on their writing skills. 

Most students are given one to two introductory courses in English during their freshman year, which are designed to help prepare students for the more lengthy and challenging kinds of research papers they will write in their upper-level college courses.

Practice, as with all things, will help strengthen academic writing skills, but there are other ways students can strengthen their academic writing skills as well. Some of them don’t worry and prefer to apply for writer my paper help of reliable services to save their time and nerves. While others follow some tips for enriching their writing skills.

First, research is required for virtually all university writing. Research papers require students to consult academic journals and respected books and other sources on the subject they are writing about. The end goal is that they are able to write a paper that backs up their own arguments with the research they have conducted. 

What professors want to see is that the student has been able to synthesize what they’ve learned into a research paper that showcases their writing ability, their critical thinking skills, the depth and strength of their insights into the subject matter, and the depth and breadth of their research.

For students new to research and the use of academic databases and library catalogs, a one-on-one visit with an academic librarian can help them to master the kind of advanced research skills they’ll need to succeed in writing at the college level. 

These librarians specialize in academic research and documentation methods. and can tell you how to find the best journals and books in any subject area and how to master keyword searches to more strategically locate the best scholarly resources available. They can also give you detailed instructions in MLA and APA documentation, the chief documentation styles for university writing,

 Simply writing often is probably the most important way to strengthen academic writing. In his essay  “The Skill of Writing,” Brian A. Judge notes that the best way to improve writing is to “Write consistently. Set aside some blocks of time each week to write” (p. 5).  Writing consistently helps give students the confidence they need to not only write better but more effectively and efficiently as well. 

 Reading good writing can also help students to write better – no matter what the writer assigned. Revising is crucial to all writers and a writer’s third draft can only be exponentially better than their first one.  

As Jace Gatemeyer suggests, “Revising isn’t editing — it doesn’t mean checking for grammar, spelling, and usage mistakes; rather, revision is literally re-seeing, as in seeing your writing anew, with a fresh critical eye and making changes based on that new perspective. Revision is where the magic happens”(2020). Revision is key to the writing process for all writers – beginners to experts – and all writing gets better when writers keep perfecting a piece. 

University students can also strengthen their writing skills at the university writing center. The students who work there are typically graduate English students who can help student writers ensure their papers have a strong thesis statement, strong topic sentences, effective transitions, and that writer maintains their thesis from beginning to end.

Overall, the individuals who work in the writing center can act as a kind of peer-review partner, suggesting improvements the writer could make to make to improve their work. What scholars have found, interestingly enough, is that peer-review is so beneficial, whether performed by a fellow student or a writing center employee, benefits the reviewer as much as the writer. 

From becoming a master cake to beating the latest Zelda game, people improve at everything they do the more they practice and work at it. Writing well takes dedication, time, and hard work, but the doors it opens in life are well worth it. 

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