100+ Miss You Status Quotes For Someone You Love Most

Hello, friends miss you status or miss you quote is a category of status which touches your heart in very deep. this edition is for those who are missing someone very close to there life.

You can share these statuses on Whatsapp and express your feelings to the person you are missing. with the help of sharing this kind of messages of miss you hope you will get the message from the person, you are missing. so let’s look at these beautiful statuses. Read also- Sorry status

Missing you status or missing you quotes for your love- Miss you status

I miss you, my baby, like you are here with me always

I am missing you with every breath I am taking  

When I close my eyes I see a charming prince and that you  

When I try to sleep I start missing you, my babe 

Really miss you so much like I lost my heart 

I am alone without you darling 

Something is missing without you it’s my heart golden doll 

I can’t trust my smile without you, it’s fake 

I miss you my golden doll  

I am missing you my cowboy prince 

Missing you badly or miss you msg- Miss you status

Missing you badly status for those who missing their specials very badly. Read also- Quotes on be alone and strong

I am missing you, Dad, you are my hero 

Missing the homemade food of your hand’s mom  

We fight sometimes very badly brother but missing you badly 

I know I broke many of you doll and you broke many video game but really I am missing you badly sister 

Miss, miss you is very small word for you darling I am missing you very badly 

Missing you my naughty son  

God bless me with a daughter like you, its been very long we met I really missing you badly 

Missing my hometown very badly these rainy seasons  

Freind is a deed a friend indeed missing you guys  

Come back my love I am missing you 

Missing you status for Whatsapp or miss you, my love- Miss you status

These are the best missing you status for Whatsapp. Just share them according to your feelings. Read also- Quotes on singleness

Every single minute is like a day for me without you 

Every second, every hour, every day I am missing you like I met you a year ago  

Every time I watch your photo on my phone when I start to miss you 

I miss you like the moon is missing from the sky  

I can’t write how much I am missing you  

When I stop missing you the cycle repeats again  

I am missing you like a crazy bull  

I am missing you, my bad buddy  

I am missing you like I lost my mental strength 

Lost love status- miss you status

These are the missing statuses for those persons who lost there love for some reason and missing there lost, love. Read also- love status

I broke up with you today and realizes i can’t stay without you one day 

Feeling single, lost, weak, missing lost love 

You when was I broke when I walk away and you let me go  

It’s paining without you my love come back 

No matter how hard I am but missing my lost love now 

I thought i can live without you but I am missing you, my king 

Be nice with me I am broken heart by my love 

It’s easy to say get lost for you but difficult to accept for me 

You told me that you have no reason to love me but it’s all right  

Life is like hell now come back my lost love 

Status on missing someone or sad missing status- miss you status

If you guys missing someone then these statuses on missing someone or sad status is for you.

I am missing someone and you are the one I am missing

You are someone who is special in my life I love you, my love 

I told i love someone and that somebody is you  

I am missing someone like the shadow of the tree 

I am missing someone every day, every time hope you understand 

It’s so hard not talking to someone you are missing 

I lost everything today and missing someone that is God 

My heart is beating for someone I lost 

The true feeling is to missing someone you love most 

please meet me one more time I am missing you so much my doll 

Missing friends status- miss you status

Missing my gang and especially you, my best friend

Friends are the relation which built by us not god missing you my friend  

Friends are the best when they are with benefits missing you my friends 

I made lots of girlfriends but friends are friends 

Friends are the one who never left us in trouble miss you guys 

I love my friends because they are the true relatives of mine 

You are the one who helps me to make my first girlfriend miss you, friend 

Friends are the true video game version for me miss you guys 

We fun together, we fight together, we are the friends 

I lost lots of peoples in my life but miss you, my friend