200+ Motivational Status For Whatsapp And Facebook

As you all know that this site is a Whatsapp and Facebook status site. Our work is different because our team works very hard to give you the best and unique content every time. In this post, we will share motivational status for Whatsapp. These motivational quotes selected by our team by the life experience and the bright thoughts.

The motivation is like encouragement for those peoples who feels that they are broken and get tired from life. That could be our friend, family or classmate, etc. So you need to motivate them and tell them to go forward in their life. 
But the problem is that how will you motivate them. You need something that pitches on there heart and they start to move in there life again. So we are here to solve your problem and sharing motivational status for Whatsapp and Facebook, Motivational quotes. You can share it with your friends or use them to make your Whatsapp status.

“Don’t stop never give up keep working hard That’s what life teaches us, brother”

“If you want something You have to pay something And that’s your hard work nothing else”

“Life is not that easy but you can make it easy”

“Keep smiling this is the only way to get success in life”

“Life is smashing you hard but you do not mirror you are gold you will shine one day”

“Life is not easy but you are tough my friend”

“It’s impossible to fail the person who faces many failures”

“The person who started from the ground knows the value to be on the sky”

“Just focus on your career the peoples passing time with you”

“If you made the decision to be successful then no one can stop you”

“Luck can never change, just change your mind” 

“There is always a way to reach out to any place” 

“Don’t take everything to your heart and cry Just be patience” 

“Don’t touch the feet to bagg, just walk off and make it” 

“If you are walking to a different way that doesn’t mean you are wrong you are about to make a difference” 

“If something awakes you every night then that’s your dream project” 

“Don’t give up Until you succeed” 

“If you are alone in the world then one day everybody dies to meet you once” 

“Failure is your biggest teacher keep learning for that one day of success” 

“I am laughing in the pain like this, see I am beating your life” 

“Don’t cry for what you don’t have just run away for the next opportunity” 

“Just live life peacefully You will get memories in return, not time” 

“You will get happy just do that thing that people don’t think you can do” 

“Just don’t forget that dream is yours only you are the person who will do” 

“If you are not stopping even in more failures Just remember that God is with you keep going” 

“Just don’t live life according to people remember you are the most loving person of god” 

“Respect, money, and appreciation cannot be bought You can only earn it by your behavior” 

Motivational Status

“Your days will come one day There is no tsunami all the time in the sea” 

“Just place a plant in place of your heart with someone. The shadow of the plant is better than the relationship” 

“If you want to earn something from life just change the style not your goal” 

“Be in dark places you are diamond, not marble” 

“You know the lucky person is that who is happy with his luck, not the luckiest person” 

“You are the toughest guy don’t wait for your time just fight with the time and get succeed” 

“don’t get tired by walking the way traveler you will find the way and enjoy it” 

“Be tough never give up the river will come to you for your thirst” 

“I was traveling the heaven all night when I woke up I was sleeping with my parents” 

“If your partner doesn’t understand your feelings so do understand yourself that she is not your type” 

“If you want to enjoy life just minimize your needs” 

“Just keep silence and do your work trees never shout but spread the shadow” 

“Don’t show the peoples your work, show the result and shock them” 

“They never did a new thing to succeed, they do the same thing with a different technique” 

Motivational Status

“If you want something to happen perfectly just do it with yourself” 

“If you are speaking the truth then you don’t need to remember it people will remember it forever” 

“If you don’t like anything in the world change it with yourself, this is an invention” 

“We will be one that day, what we think one day” 

“If you are a person who thinks always don’t change yourself you will make a change one day” 

“Just do that work what you love to do your life will be awesome” 

“You know you are doing a beautiful thing that’s why you are different from others” 

“You well get succeed as high as you work hard” 

“Things never settled themselves you need to settle them” 

“Just be prepare yourself from now for what you will become in future” 

“First, you need to decide your path and way to get succeed properly and in a perfect manner” 

Motivational Status

“Get satisfied with what you have you will become happier” 

“Just trust with your decision and goal, you will make history for that” 

“The goal is far away from you but you are on the way kid” 

“If you want to become successful then kill your anger first” 

“I am enjoying the battle with life We both are fighting to win from each other” 

“Yes, my friend, we cannot get anything from life easily but when we try hard for it life gave us what we want” 

“Make yourself that much tall, if you stand up nobody will sit” 

Motivational Status

“Just don’t care about anything life is a beautiful swing with it” 

“I don’t know whats the motivation is
I just try for the best all the time”