Unique Names Santa’s Reindeers That Sounds Awesome

Every year, Santa brings a big smile to our face, he is our favorite. Whenever we think of Santa that one scene always stuck in our mind in which Santa is seen riding his chauffeurs and all his eight reindeers are driving it.

Won’t you love to know about Santa’s reindeer names, their personalities, and some unique and interesting facts about them?

Let’s get started knowing what are Names Santa’s Reindeers. Santa’s reindeers name includes:

  • Dasher
  • Dancer
  • Prancer
  • Vixen
  • Comet
  • Cupid
  • Donner
  • Blitzen
  • Rudolph

In the year 1823, the poem “A Visit from Saint Nicholas” first introduced the modern Santa and his reindeer.

Originally Santa had 8 reindeers until 1939, then Rudolph joined to make it 9. Rudolph arrives a century later from the famous song “The Red-Nosed Reindeer”.

Come On! Let’s Start Exploring Through Santa’s Reindeer Names-

names santa's reindeers
names santa’s reindeers


Names Santa’s Reindeers include Dasher. Dasher is the oldest Santa’s reindeer amongst all. He Dashes through very fast and so he is called ”Dasher”.

Dasher is extremely fast, whenever there would be some sort of race among reindeers, it was obvious to all that it is the Dasher who will be the winner of the game.

You will be amazed to know that it was the Dasher who used to lead the reindeers, but because of his fast speed, other reindeers couldn’t keep up with his pace so he was then replaced by another Santa’s reindeer names Rudolph.

It is said that when Dasher was younger, he used to run and do his chores, run and go to school, run and help his mother.   

Dasher is also a character in “The Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie”. In the movie, he is the brother of other Santa’s reindeer names, Blitzen, Comet, and Cupid.  

Dasher’s favorite cookie is Peanut Butter Blossom. Other personality traits that Dasher posses are he loves to be social, loves to hang out with other Names Santa’s Reindeers.

He is very active in sports and so he doesn’t mind much cold. Apart from this Dasher loves to party.


Dancer Carries a unique personality. Just by the name, you can assume that among all the Names Santa’s Reindeers, this particular reindeer loves to dance.

And guess what, you are absolutely correct! His moves are jaw-dropping. Given any chance, the dancer will start dancing with full enthusiasm and passion. Latin music is his favorite genre because of its strong beats and rhythms.

Dancer has mastered various forms of dances like Salsa, Merengue. Contra-and-square dancing. Do-si-do-ing is a bit difficult form of dance, but he likes it.

Other than this if you want to know him better he is entirely Extrovert and enjoys wearing various colors and types of clothes. He loves gathering people and is always ready to celebrate any occasion. In any difficult situation, the Dancer is said to be the one who can smooth down things.

He is also considered to be strong and solid enough to pull the cart alone if he had to. In “The Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie”, Dancer has brown-colored eyes and dark circles around them.

His body is covered with cream and brown fur. Only a handful of people noticed that dancer and Prancer are actually twins, not in the terms of physical resemblance but there are strong family relations.


names santa's reindeers
names santa’s reindeers

Prancer is one of the eight of Names Santa’s Reindeers. Prancer is big-hearted reindeer. She is considered to be the most generous of all.

Prancer is very helpful and affectionate; she can go to any extent for his loved reindeers friends. Prancer is kind of self-obsessed as he loves to gaze himself in the mirror most of the time. To her, physical appearance is very important.

Santa has to make a lot of effort to drag him and take him out for work as she is always busy polishing her horns and wearing numerous types of accessories.

Among all the Santa’s reindeers, Prancer is the fairest of all. She is the most special having extra attachments like a mirror, comb, and brush.

Except this, Prancer has very high energy and her thinking skills are incredible as she is the smartest and punctual amidst other Names Santa’s Reindeers.

She is also good at baking specially mint-flavored cookies. Her favorite Santa song is ”Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town”.

She is a bit mischievous as she loves doing pranks on her friends. She enjoys spending quality time with other Santa. Reindeers names and after that scrapbooks them so that their memories stay forever.


In every group, there is definitely a comedian to make us laugh. Among all Names Santa’s Reindeers, Vixen is the one.

Vixen keeps everyone in the group entertained. She is always the center of attention in the group. The major skill that Vixen has is of performing magic tricks.

Often she conducts shows in the North Pole, showing eye-opening tricks, and everyone including Mr. and Mrs. Clause relishes and enjoys the evening with all other reindeers.

One of the fascinating things is that Santa does not get irritated by Vixen’s magic trick of vanishing things because on Christmas Eve he has to carry plenty of gifts whereas the chimney (Where gifts are kept) is small, so in this case, Vixen can easily vanish things for some time, whereas sometimes other Santa’s reindeers do get irritated. She loves to make others laugh.

Along with that, she is also considered to be a quick learner and her nature is very cool and calm. But one of the minor faults she has of getting late is she is not at all punctual.

She loves eating yummy Santa-shaped chocolates. Cupid is entirely besotted with her beauty, and at the same time, there is no doubt that Vixen also enjoys this attention.


Further adding to Names Santa’s Reindeers, one more is Comet. Comet is a superstar and an idol for many children. Many children look up to him as he is very adorable and smart-looking.

Comet also guides children in terms of their behavior and discipline. Some days prior to Christmas, Santa goes on around to check on the children, at that time Santa takes along Comet.

As Santa approaches, children dance with all excitement, and they become even more overwhelmed when they see Comet as he is very adorable and cute.

Even Comet loves the attention of children showering upon him. He loves playing ball with the youth. His nature is that once he has thought of something or wants something to be done, then with full determination he will get it done at any cost.

Among all the Names Santa’s Reindeers, Comet is considered to be the most honest and does not believe in cheating at all. He likes being fair in everything that he does. Comet is easy-going. Easy to deal with kind of reindeer.

The word comet is arrived from a Greek word, which means “The Wise One”, and so is Comet is the wise one in all the Names Santa’s Reindeers.


names santa's reindeers
names santa’s reindeers

Spreading love is the best thing one can do, exchange love. Amidst the group of Names Santa’s Reindeers, Cupid spreads love everywhere.

She is the most loving Santa’s reindeer. On Christmas eve she loves to decorate reins with green and blue hearts.

She also comes out on Valentine’s Day for showering hearts and spread love all over the world. Cupid enjoys finding mistletoe which is her favorite.

She often places mistletoe in people’s houses secretly, without letting anyone know So that people do not forget to spread more and more love.   

Most of the time is cheerful, jolly, and happy.  Besides spreading love, her hobby is singing. Other Names Santa’s Reindeers get tired of hearing her.

She relishes the song ”Joy Of The World” and so Cupid keeps on singing this song for the hundredth time. Cupid is really fond of sweets.

She loves sweets so much that she helps Santa in finishing his cookies, candies, and milk. Apart from sweets, she also likes eating yummy carrots.

Another skill Cupid is good at is Bows and Arrows. She can do really well with them. In some places, it is mentioned that Cupid is a boy, and he loves Vixen madly, he just cannot take his eyes off her and so Santa had to separate the two.


Donner is a German word that means thunder. All Santa’s reindeers names appreciate him for singing songs that have low voice notes like “Santa Claus Is Comin To Town” and “Here Comes Santa Claus”.

There is always a big round of applause for him. Sometimes he sings songs like ”Santa Baby ”  so good that all Santa’s reindeers get lost in the melody.

Do you know why he prefers singing songs with low voice notes? This is because Donner has a very heavy voice. He is always eyed whenever he arrives in the room due to his heavy bossy voice. Everyone has got that one best friend with whom you can vibe in your way.

For Donner its, Blitzen, Both Donner and Blitzen make up the duo.  Besides singing. Donner is also very creative and responsible. He likes taking charge of different things.

He also likes having discussions and debates with other Names Santa’s Reindeers.  His favorite chocolate is dark chocolate.

Before they are out for distributing presents, Donner is the one who checks on everyone like checking if everyone’s horns are clean, if everyone has had proper meals, etc. Donner is also known by another name called Dunder.


Blitzen comes from a German word, which means lightening. He is as fast and spontaneous as the lightning. He is good at completing tasks and achieving targets.

On Christmas Santa has to go on a long journey for distributing presents to children, so there are times when all Names Santa’s Reindeers are tired, Blitzen provides them with electrical energy and motivates them to keep themselves charged for the work.

He enjoys flying high into the sky and moving around thunders. In the poem “The Night Before Christmas ” she is the last reindeer among all other Names Santa’s Reindeers but she is always in the front to do work effectively and efficiently and that’s the reason Santa loves him a lot.

Blitzen never ever runs late, he is the most active reindeer. In his spare time, he likes watching interesting Christmas movies.

And as mentioned before, he and Donner are best friends and so they hang around wandering here and there, singing songs and playing games.


names santa's reindeers
names santa’s reindeers

Earlier there were only eight of Santa’s reindeers names until Rudolph joined the squad. Now there are nine Santa’s reindeer.

Currently, he is the most known and famous reindeer. In the earlier days, he was bullied for having a red nose, unlike other reindeers.

But Santa saved him from the bullies and made his red nose a strength. Rudolph’s red nose glows during the night time and thus Santa takes him out on the snowy nights.

And gradually Rudolph became the leader of the herd. Now he is the one who leads the herd. When Rudolph is not working he likes playing hide and seek at night with other Names Santa’s Reindeers, though he carries the advantage of having a red light nose with him, so he can catch reindeers easily during the games.

Other than this Rudolph is obedient, humble, and a bit shy reindeer. He likes playing and playing and helping others. Of course, he is a great leader. Besides this, he also likes exploring new places.

To Conclude

Apart from this according to some sources a shy reindeer, who loves making friends and has an excellent sense of humor called Olive has joined the herd recently.  

I hope now at this point, you are clear with the questions like what are Names Santa’s Reindeers, what personality each carries, how are they different from each other, etc.

I hope it was valuable and a piece of interesting information for you guys. Santa is going to come to your home soon with your favorite reindeer!!     

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