20+ Positive And Best Names That Mean Purple

When you mix two colors red and blue in a certain ratio then you will get the purple color. there are lots of names that mean purple in other countries according to their languages. the purple color is similar to the violet color and that’s why some peoples also love the names that mean violet. there is lots of debate that which color is better between purple vs violet color.

Well, some of the parents love to name their newly born baby a different name from the other and the name they want should be beautiful and attractive. nowadays parents attract to names that are new and with meaning so their kids get a good identity when they introduce to society. because the name is forever and always be with you till your death so choosing a good name is necessary.

So in today’s topic, we will introduce to you a different category of the names for your kids that has the meaning of the names also. so let us discuss some names that mean purple with meanings of these names as well.

These are the names that mean purple for male

These names are especially for baby boys and also can be used by males. these names are inspired by the name purple in different languages in different countries.

1. Arijwani

Arijwani is an Arabic name and this name is the sign of peace. Arijwani meaning is to do everything with a cool mind and without anger so you can achieve your goal because if you want to achieve something big in your life then you have to work with the cool mind.

2. violet

As we discussed above that violet is similar to the color purple so in some different places of different countries peoples think that there is no difference in purple color and the violet color. in France, there are many peoples name their kids violet.

3. Morada

Morada is the Spanish name that means purple many peoples are living in Spain with this name and let me tell you that this name is common between the boys and the girls of Spain. the men with these names are strong muscle men and aggressive in nature.

4. MoradoNames that mean purple

Morado is also a Spanish name that means purple. Spanish peoples call the purple color Morado and they also name their kids Morado. Morado’s name is popular for the boys of Spain. these men with this name are cool-minded so they achieve the best in their life.

names that mean purple
names that mean purple

5. Neel

Neel is a popular Indian name and this name is only for males. basically, Neel is the Hindi translation of the purple, the meaning of the name Neel is blue sky. this name also denotes the link of god in India because of the sky.

6. Bolaseag

Bolaseag is the name in Korea that means violet. well, the purple is called bolaseag in the Korean language and they name their children with this name. the children with this name are physically strong and sharp from the mind.

7. Roxa

Roxa is the Portuguese Brazillian name and this name is especially for the men or it is a male name that means purple. in brazil, purple is the sign of royalty, wealth, spirituality, and nobility. so the purple color has great importance for the Brazilians. Roxa and Roxo are the names that mean purple.

8. Murasakino

Murasakino is the name associated with the origin of japan. This is another name from japan that is popular and one of the most common names of japan. purple meaning in japan is Murasaki no. Murasaki no meaning is strong in Japan and they think that baby with this name stays strong in every situation.

9. Purpura

Purpura is a Latin name of the purple color and this name is especially for male children. if you have a newly born boy baby then this name is very sweet and different for your baby. peoples with this name are very intelligent and have a scientific mind.

10. Mov

In greek, the color purple is a sign of royalty and is a very respected color as well there. in the Greek language, the purple color is known by the name Mov. the children with this name have a very high chance to get rich.

These are the names that mean purple for baby girl

These names are the names for the females and inspired by nature as these names are based on the flowers, mountains, and painting. these are the names that mean purple.

11. Alliums

Allium is the name of the beautiful flower and the color of this flower is a light blue that looks perfect purple. this beautiful flower looks so attractive and sweet and lets me tell you that allium is an ideal name for girls. girls with this name are beautiful, sweet, and very attractive with good nature.

names that mean purple
names that mean purple

12. Salvias

As you all know that salvias are the name of the flower that shapes very beautiful and looks so attractive. the shape of this flower is like a leaf that covers the whole long and thin stick. the girls with this name are very strong and tough that can deal with any complicated problems that occur in their life very easily and strongly with their good decisions. Related- Sexy girl names

13. Catmint

Catmint is also a flower that is popular for a very fresh fragrant smell that spreads in the big area. you can feel how best and attractive this name sounds and this name is for baby girls. the girl with this name is popular for their long relationship and you can trust these girls with this name.

14. ClematisNames that mean purple

Clematis is the name that can be used by the females as this is the sign of clarity and the girls with this name are honest, lovely, and sweet. you guys can choose this name as the name for your newly born baby girl.

15. Wisteria

Wisteria is the name that is related to nature because wisteria is a flower that is in the combination of white and purple colors. so if you want to choose the names that mean purple then this name is perfect for your baby girl name.

16. Lavender

If you are a flower lover then definitely you heard about this beautiful flower. These are so beautiful flowers not because of the purple color but the shape of this flower is more beautiful than that. so if you choose this name for your baby then you can imagine how popular your baby will be in society.

17. Lungwort

Lungwort is a name of a plant that rises in winter and this plant is popular because of its beautiful leaf color. the leaves of this beautiful plant are borne with shades of blue, violet, pink, purple, red, and white. you can name your baby girl with this name because your daughter is very beautiful like this flower.

18. Hermona

Hermione is the name only for the girls because you can feel that this name is a girlish name. well, actually harmony is the name of the mountain. hormone meaning is strong and tall so if you are planning for a tough and strong name for your baby girl then this name is perfect.

19. Chermona

Carmona is a popular English name, you can hear this name on English television and also in English movies for the girls. so this name is a very standard name as this name used in many Hollywood movies and television series. this name is still a trending name ao you guys can choose this name for your baby girl.

20. Mona Lisa

names that mean purple
names that mean purple

As everybody knows that Mona Lisa is the words costliest and most beautiful painting in the world. this painting was created by Leonardo da Vinci and is now placed in the Louver museum since 1797. the dimension of this painting is very small just 77 cm * 53 cm. if you see this painting there is a lot of work on the painting by the purple color. this painting shows a girl so Mona Lisa is the name for the girls only.

What are the names that mean purple

Any name that related to the purple color or the things that look or famous because of their purple color is known as the names that mean purple. if the name of the girl or boy inspired by the purple color flowers name is the purple color names. the names given in the article are the names that mean purple.

Who can choose these names

we discussed these names for both males as well as for females. as you can see in this article the names are for the boys in the starting and the names from the number 11 are the names for the girls. so there is no limit to choose these names but please make sure to choose the names according to your gender and interest.


So that’s it guys these are the names that mean purple for you. these are the different and unique names that you can use for your children’s and we share the names for both baby boy and also for the baby girl. these names are inspired by the flower names, mountain names, famous painting names, and the different purple names in different countries that you can check in this content above. as you know that the sharing is caring so please share this article so others can also enjoy it.

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