New Games By Blueprint Gaming Slots Company

The slot machine market was absolutely thriving throughout the 20th century; something easily proven by the huge casino slot halls, or fact there is a fruit machine in every pub in the country. Oh yes, there’s no doubt about that, however when you compare the market growth with what we have now in the 21st century online slot industry it is quite literally a drop in the ocean! 

Seriously, the online slot world including Luck of the Irish Slot has absolutely ballooned in size over the last decade, buoyed by an exponentially rising number of gamblers looking to spin those reels. And who’s to thank most for that? It’s the slot companies of course!

Blueprint Gaming is one of the best slot companies around these days, with a super clean approach to HD graphics, as well as tasty looking jackpots. Keep reading for some new slots by the Blueprint Gaming slots company. 

Blueprint Gaming: The lowdown

Before we get into some of the best new titles by Blueprint Gaming it is more than worth having a look at their illustrious history, because they have been one of the leaders over the last decade, we’re not sure anybody can argue with that!

Based out of the UK, this slots company has been providing both land-based terminals and online slots for a number of years, stretching back several decades like joker slot.

Back in 2008 they were acquired by the vast Gauselmann Group conglomerate, and this allowed the slots company to massively increase the reach their incredibly good online slot games could get. Blueprint Gaming have had so many standout slots over the years, although the TED slot is undeniably one of the very very best.

A few reasons why everybody loves Blueprint Gaming 

As any slot gambling enthusiast will tell you, there are several high profile reasons why everybody loves Blueprint Gaming, read on for a mere few:

  • Pioneers in HD graphics: Blueprint Gaming were one of the first slots companies to offer true HD and 3D slot graphics, something that immediately gained them a whole load of fans several years ago. The reputation for immaculately designed slots is something they keep today too! Also, Check- สล็อตเว็บตรง
  • Slots packed with bonus features: Unlike some other developers out there in the modern world, Blueprint Gaming never skimp out with their bonus rounds, and you will rarely find a game from the slots company that doesn’t have some kind of free spins feature.
  • Great slot themes: Another reason why everybody loves Blueprint Gaming is because of their excellent approach to themes. Not everybody can acquire the licence to replicate a film like TED you know…

The best new games by Blueprint Gaming

Luckily for us Blueprint Gaming are also great at churning out new titles as much as possible, read on for some of the best new games by the slots company: 

  • Rick and Morty: Wubba Lubba Dub Dub: This new Rick & Morty inspired slot from Blueprint Gaming is exactly why the slots company is so well-known for its slots themes. This special edition title has a maximum pay out of 50,000x too. Woah!
  • Red Hot Repeater: Power Spins: When Blueprint Gaming make vintage style online slots they don’t mess about, still packing them full of bonuses! Red Hot Repeater: Power Spins is a perfect example.

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