Olight EDC Torch

A torch is an essential item that you need on various occasions. Sometimes carrying a large torch can be bulky. If you need a compact torch that is small enough, go for an EDC torch. These are handy devices that help you in all situations.

EDC torches are small, so you will not have trouble carrying them. You can carry it in your pocket, backpack, or your keychain. Here are some top recommended Olight EDC torch reviews you can consider.

  1. Olight Open 2 Rechargeable EDC Penlight

If you love reading and writing, you will enjoy using this light and pen combo. You will get two products in one pretty great body. The pen writes well, and the light offers up to 120 lumens. You will also get up to 10 hours of runtime.

You can charge it using a USB type C when the battery is empty. This item makes a thoughtful gift to any friend or family member. The item is lightweight and durable, and suitable for everyday use. You can use it for a journey, patrol, or duty, among others. You can check more details about this torch here https://www.olightstore.uk/everyday-carry.html

  1. Olight Baton 3 Pocket EDC Torch

If you need a higher output, this torch will give you up to 1200 lumen output. This torch is an upgrade version of the Olight S1R Baton 11. It uses an IMR16340 battery that is compact, and the beam can reach up to 166 meters.

You will also love the anti-slip body texture that gives it a nice look and a good grip. This pocket torch has a double run time giving you up to 20 days. You can use it every day since it is lightweight.

  1. Olight i1R 2 EOS Kit 150 Lumens Small EDC Keychain Torch

This is another fantastic EDC torch that offers up to 150 lumens and a well-balanced beam. This torch is lightweight and small, which makes it easy to carry. Additionally, it has an aluminum alloy construction for durable use. The torch is easy to use and gives you up to 6 hours of run time.

The torch uses a built-in rechargeable battery to charge with a micro-USB without necessarily disassembling the unit. You will also love the compact design and the dual modes that make it an incredible flashlight for everyday application.

  1. Olight i5T 300 Lumens Small EDC Tail Switch Torch

Get this EDC torch that uses a single AA battery to give you a maximum lumen of up to 300. The touch features a double helix body for better grip and good ventilation. It also features quality LED with a PMMA optic lens to provide a well-balanced beam for the best application.

The torch features a detachable pocket that helps you carry it in different ways leaving your hands free.

Final Words

If you need a compact and lightweight torch for different applications, we have given you top reviews of the best Olight EDC torches. Compare the unique features of these torches to pick the one that you love. They are all great and comfortable to use. 

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