Painting Your Dog- Remember The 4 Most Important Features Of The Dog

Pet portraits could be the best way of thanking your pet for the love and care they have shown for you.  A pet is considered the best friend of a human, which never leaves you in any situation.  Having pet paintingsv on your wall will show them all the required love. 

Nowadays, many people are hanging pet portraits on their walls because they look elegant and cute.  If you are looking for an innovative idea that could decorate your house in a very exclusive manner, it is time to choose a pet portrait. 

 Pet portraits could be done in many different ways, but the most common methods are oil painting, watercolors, charcoal, and pencil sketches.  The painting you will prepare or if consider to paint your dog by yourself will describe your love for the creature. 

An average pet bottle rate could be created easily by some research and a little experience.  When you look on the search engine, you will find many types of equipment and colors that you can use to decorate the portrait.

 Many pet owners draw the portrait of their pet but fail to do so due to their inadequate knowledge about the topic.   But you may don’t know that creating a pet portrait is very easy and simple.  If you are also interested in painting your dog and hanging it in your living area, you can go through the details below.  Here we are going to give you the basic required tips of painting a dog. 

 Thinking To Draw Your Dog- Check Out The Basic Requirement

 People often think that they are not having a simple breed of dog, but you should consider understanding that the breed of the dog doesn’t matter at all while painting it. 

The painting procedure will remain the same; the geometrical shapes necessary to know before drawing a dog are similar for all the dogs.  You can easily draw a portrait of your dog by viewing his photograph.  Look at the professional steps of picturizing a dog easily and beautifully. 

  1. Tips To Draw The Head Of A Dog

 If you have a little knowledge of virtual portraits, it would be very easy for you to draw the portrait.  But if not, then there is no problem, because drawing a dog is not that difficult task.  You can start by drawing a circle for the dog’s skull and then give the skull a little oval pattern so that it looks ahead. 

 Afterward, draw the nose of your dog just below the circle. The shape of a nose is not easily drawn.  Later than drawing the nose, continue forward and sketch out the ears to give a little complete look to the head.  Behind completing this basic structure, you can add some for the dog’s ears and nose.  This will give him a look like a real dog; draw the eyes of your pet by following the instructions given below. 

  1. Guide To Draw The Eyes

 Drawing eyes is a little complex procedure, so you have to consider giving some time to get perfection in it. The eyes of a dog or any creature define the whole face, mood, and the type of human being to a great extent. 

Therefore you should consider drawing the eyes like a pro to give a great look to the overall portrait. If you cannot gain the desired level of perfection in the portrait due to your eyes’ structure, you can consider skipping it. 

 Once you have completed the whole painting, then you can complete the eyes through a virtual portrait.  If you are not ok with using virtual painting, you can look at many available online tutorials.  By practicing the drawing several times, you will surely get the perfection required in the portrait. 

  1. Draw The Most Difficult Portion- Nose 

 It is often seen that even the professional portrait artist face to draw the nose perfectly at their first chance.  The reason is that knows of every creature is different and gives a unique formation to the face.  But the mistake that most people do while drawing a nose is that they just look at the nose and start drawing, which is completely wrong.  

Just as we have drawn the eyes, head, and ears with proper guidance, it is necessary to draw the nose with the same technique.  Not paying attention to the dog’s nose can ruin the complete painting and give it a very unprofessional look.  Not drawing a nose accurately can give it a look just similar to a dark black box.  Therefore, consider investing some time looking for the best tips for drawing a nose and then drawing it perfectly. 

  1. The Dog’s Lower Body Portion

 Drawing the body of the dog is quite easy and simple as compared to its face.  The bodies of different dogs are different. Some are bony, whereas some are muscular.  Some have a higher structure website that some are small in height and have small legs.  There is not a big deal in drawing the body of the dog, so you don’t have to worry too much about it.

Just look at the photograph of your dog and get started from the portion of the neck. There are many geometric shapes available in the market that can help you draw many shapes easily and perfectly.  Look at your dog’s breed, and then check out the portrait of the same breed for having an idea.  This way, you can easily draw the breed’s body; just consider the structure and pattern of the dog’s body. 

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 Concluding Lines

  This was a complete guide to drawing the face and body of a dog perfectly, just like a real painter.  When you get the dog’s complete structure ready, just cover it with fur all over.  The length and density of fur can vary according to the breed that you have, as many dogs have very dense and very long fur whereas other has very short and minimal furring on the body. 

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