Perks of Using Period Underwear Australia

Unpredictable spotting, ruining of the garments and blankets, and discomfort are common during periods. So, people often consider different alternatives to avoid these concerns during their cycles. Absorbent garments or period underwear Australia are the optimal alternatives in the present day. What are they, and how do these period undies work? Have a look. 

Period Undergarments – what are they? 

As the name suggests, period undies are intended to be worn as soon as your cycle commences. These are a feasible alternative to the regular tampons, pads, etc. You need to be aware of why and how something works, especially when you shop for something as personal as this. So, here’s a peek into period underwear Australia and the benefits of using it. 

  • Period-proof undergarments are a reusable alternative to usual menstrual supplements like pads, tampons, etc. 
  • These are intended to comfortable protect the wearers during the menstrual blood flow. 
  • Period undies are made of several layers of microfiber polyester and look like regular underwear. 
  • These absorb the menstrual blood while keeping the moisture away from your skin. 
  • The moisture-wicking fabric of these period undies has several filaments that lock the liquid and prevent stains. 
  • These undies are usually made of nylon or Lycra and are paired with liquid-repellent films. This mechanism traps the liquid and keeps you comfortable. 
  • You can easily wash and re-wear them throughout your cycles. The crotch area absorbs all the menstrual blood and provides a convenient option for your periods. 

Well, as you can see, period underwear Australia is a convenient option during menstruation. Anyone can use these, but is there a point in using period undies? Let’s find out. 

Perks of Using Period Undies for Menstruation: 

Usually, people use period undies as a backup to their tampons, cups, etc. But these can absorb the menstrual blood better than most other supplements. Some period underwear Australia can absorb blood worth up to three tampons. Various other benefits from these undergarments leave no choice for the users but to switch to them. 

  1. A Sustainable Choice 

On average, every menstruator uses around ten thousand period products in their lifetime. That is a significant number for the cycles! These pads and tampons, along with their applicators, wrappers, etc., all end up in oceans or landfills. Imagine the adverse effects of these on our climate and environment! Period undies are a reusable option. You can wash and use these just like any other fabric. 

Moreover, a menstruator spends around $20 thousand on average for menstrual products. Sadly, most products come with a limited lifespan, as mentioned above. Whereas a period undie can last anywhere between 2 and 5 years when used appropriately. Their fabrics are recyclable, and they are an irritation-free option. 

  1. Convenience during Irregular Cycles 

Unexpected initiation of periods is often common among menstruators. It could be due to various reasons but can often trouble you on any day. In that case, you can wear period undies. Wearing these can avoid frequent visits to the washrooms to check. Moreover, period undies can work as a great option when your cycle is about to commence or if it is near to the end. 

  1. Affordable Option 

As mentioned above, every menstruator spends around 18-20 thousand dollars on period products. In most cases, these are either irritating or harmful to you and the environment too. Period underwear Australia comes in different price ranges to suit everyone’s budget. Moreover, they last a minimum of 2-3 years when used properly. You can do the math now and see how much money you are saving! Just wash them and keep the undies ready for the next cycle! 

  1. An Excellent Alternative to Vaginal Irritation 

Vaginal pain, dryness, and discomfort are common during periods. It could lead to the vagina being sensitive and prone to allergies. Using other forms of period care can add to the inconvenience and ruin things for you. Period underwear is just the right solution in such cases. 

Period undies are mostly made of natural, organic, and safe fabrics. These are breathable, chemical-free, don’t need to be stuffed inside your vagina. So, there are the least chances of people finding these irritating or uncomfortable to wear. 

  1. Comfort during Nights 

Nights are the most irritating of periods for most people. In most cases, the pads and tampons fall off at night. It can lead to leakages, ruining your garments and robes. It is impossible to sleep in the same position throughout the night, right? Also, you’ll need to change your tampons regularly to avoid toxic shock syndrome. Average sleep for anyone is around 6-7 hours, and you cannot leave your tampons or pads throughout the night. Considering all these options, period undies are the feasible and comfortable option. You don’t have to worry about leakage, pads falling off, or anything. Just enjoy a comfortable sleep as the period underwear takes care of your menstrual flow. 

  1. Odor Control and Comfort 

A common concern during periods is body odor. Period underwear Australia comes in different designs suiting different flows. The leak-absorbing filaments perfectly lock the liquid while keeping moisture away from your skin. These layers dry pretty quickly and don’t lead to any disturbing odors. So, the wearer can stay comfortable for a considerable duration. 

These comfort levels help wear these undies all day. Moreover, different activities like exercises, traveling, etc., are also comfortable when wearing period underwear. The discrete protection lasts for around 12 hours. So, you don’t have to worry about changing them, like the pads or tampons. Overall, your daily activities seem as normal as any other day, thanks to the period undies! 

The best thing about these undies is their usage flexibility. They can cover up to 12 hours each day, providing you with all the comfort needed during these cycles. You can wear them directly or use them alongside cups, tampons, pads, etc. If you are looking for one, you can try the period undies from AWWA. These come in different designs, suiting different flows at affordable pricing. 

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