Pick The Right Programming Language: All You Must Know

Programming is a career that most people have ventured into. However, if you are new and want to learn some programming skills, what should you do? 

There are many languages, and choosing a suitable one may be doubting. Some of the programming languages to come across include JavaScript, Python, C#, and more. 

You will find conflicting information regarding the programming language to pick. In this article, we shall share information on various programming language options depending on experience, and you can progress as a developer. 

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Now as for the things you should know let’s look at the list: 

  1. Understand What You’re Building 

First and foremost, before you can choose a Programming language, understand what you’re building. This will give you a choice of the coding language to use. 

Using this approach will be helpful when you have an idea of what to do. If you have not decided on the approach you want to follow; it would be best to know the direction to take with your coding career before learning a programming language. It will be easier for you to discover the language you should learn first. 

You can look at these examples: 

  • Front End Development 

If you want to focus on the “front end” of your websites, then JavaScript will be the language to pick. You also need to have skills in HTML/CSS. 

The front end refers to anything the user will see after visiting your website. To do that, begin your journey with JavaScript. After learning HTML and CSS – the backbones of websites – begin by adding JavaScript and enhance interactivity and functionality of your website. 

  • Back End Development 

If interested to know about the guts of a website, managing the back end, and try database administration, there are various options for you: JavaScript, Python, and C#. But the straightforward one here is Python. This is a beginner-friendly language with mature frameworks like Flask and Django that leads to back-end development. 

No matter the language you end up choosing, you will probably add SQL for database management. Put that in your plan. 

  • 2D Game Development

There are numerous 2D game engines, and most don’t fit your fancy. However, of the language you use, each has its benefits – learning curve and idiosyncrasies. 

If you are planning to create 2D games, it’s recommended to learn C# or JavaScript. This applies even when you plan to use another game engine. 

JavaScript allows you to use various frameworks like Construct 3 and Phaser.

  1. You Aren’t Sure What to Build 

Perhaps you have spent a lot of your time searching and reading various sources of information about programming languages. Most likely, you don’t have an idea on where you should invest your time only because you are not aware of what to build. 

If not sure of what to build, try and pick one. You can pick any language even if not listed, such as Rust, Haskell, Python, or JavaScript. The one you pick, stick to it until you have learned the basics and, where possible, use the language to program. 

In addition, there are things to keep in mind. For example, you should limit yourself. Perhaps you consider learning JavaScript using tutorials for three months. If you feel you have made progress and feel interested, keep going! On the other hand, if not interested, probably it would be best you reconsider another language. 

When growing as a developer, try to build something you don’t find in the tutorials. 

  1. When Stuck In Tutorial Purgatory

Probably you are in a situation where you have done one tutorial to the other from one site to another but feel like you are making progress; sometimes, you may feel frustrated while learning to code. 

First, understand what programming tutorials are good at and what they aren’t. If you want excellent tutorials, probably the best are those online that allow you to code in the browser. Unfortunately, they are not suitable to teach you how to be the best programmer. 

The best tutorials should expose you to essential coding concepts. That is the knowledge you are required to use and solve the puzzles of your projects. They will be wonderful learning tools, and after you use them beyond the scope, they will become crutches that stifle your learning. After mastering the basics, you should progress to handle other projects on your own. 

 The Bottom Line 

You can’t go wrong with programming languages. Probably what you want, we have not highlighted in the list. But if you pick one of the programming languages, start by learning the basics, make a project and think of it as not yours. The experience you get with the project will help you in the long run. 

Practicing gives you a chance to learn a lot of things related to programming. The language you choose will be useful, irrespective of your project. Others have done it. You can do it! 

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