Potential Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets

The CBD world is at its peak solely because of the benefits it provides to consumers. It is an excellent therapy for several medical conditions; that’s why it is highly sought-after.

CBD is excellent for humans, so it should also be great for pets. Experts are now testing hemp products on pets, and it’s yielding positive results. It has been shown to aid in managing certain medical conditions in them and improving their overall health. You can check this link here http://www.holistapet.com/ for quality cannabis supplies to help control pet conditions. 

This article is equipped with useful information on CBD for pets. It will teach you the benefits it provides to them and the right dosage to prescribe. You’ll also learn the best tips to find a quality CBD provider. Let’s begin.

What is CBD, and How Does it Benefit pets?

CBD is also referred to as cannabidiol, and it is gotten from the flowers of a hemp plant. Research has taught us that regardless of its origin, it is safe for consumption.

Research has also taught us that consumers of CBD are experiencing great results. It offers therapeutic functions and can be used for different medical applications. It is why traditional healers speak highly of the product in the pet store.

As earlier stated, because humans love cannabidiol, it suggests that pets would also love them. Studies are now being conducted on the potency of cannabidiol in the lives of pets. These studies are yielding positive signs. It has been proven that hemp-derived products are particularly beneficial to cats and dogs.

How so? It helps to combat chronic pain, stress and anxieties, epileptic seizures, and neurological disorders. It also helps to improve their skin conditions. You can check this website for tips on how to use CBD for pet skin. 

Scientist believes that cannabis products might even be beneficial to animals than humans. It has helped relieve depressive symptoms, glaucoma, insomnia, indigestion, and many more. 

And now, because CBD interacts in the system of pets and animals in similar ways, scientists are finding out if it can benefit pets in the ways mentioned above.

As we speak, more researches are being conducted to determine the full effectiveness of hemp products in pets’ lives.

Here are some benefits of CBD oil:

  • Manages symptoms of stress and anxiety
  • Relieves mood swings
  • Relieves pain caused by chronic inflammations
  • Manages symptoms of epileptic seizures
  • Improves skin condition
  • Manages glaucoma
  • Manages symptoms of after treatment of cancer, for dogs especially.
  • Curbs insomnia

What is the Recommended Dosage to Prescribe to my Pets?

The performance of CBD depends mainly on the dose you prescribe. So, you should follow the proper dose when prescribing CBD to your cats and dogs.

The best cannabis sellers have a dosage chart dawn up on their website. It enables buyers to determine the right doses to prescribe to themselves or their pets. So, ensure you check your seller’s website to find the correct amount to prescribe to your furry friends.

The labels and packaging also provide useful information; ensure you check them. If you are not sure about the right dosage to prescribe, ask a vet. A vet is a professional and can provide useful info about cannabis products.

If a vet prescribes hemp products to you, they will surely tell you the right dosage to use.

If you get confused, I advise you to start administering CBD in small doses. If you don’t see notable changes when assisting in small amounts, then you increase it.

Additional Information

You should note that the amount of oil in a droplet depends on the solution in the bottle. It varies based on the product and the provider.

Let’s say you have 30 millimeters of the solution, and it contains 150 milligrams of CBD; one millimeter will then be 50mg of CBD. SO, when utilizing 25 mg of hemp oil, use half a millimeter of solution.

How Do I Choose Quality CBD Oil for my Pets?

When in need of hemp products, there are few things to consider to get quality ones. There are lots of companies that provide hemp products, but only a few have quality ones.

  • Check Paper-Works

Make sure you check a certificate that proves your product is tested and trusted. The best providers have a certificate proving their products are tested and trusted.

You should also make sure the paper-works come from a third-party laboratory. It will prove the certificate is authentic.

It would help if you also read online reviews of your provider. It will allow you to deduce if they can keep to their promises.

  • Check for “Full-Spectrum Oil”

Based on experience, I would suggest you use the full spectrum oil for your pets. It is more effective than cannabis isolate oil. Full-spectrum oil has ingredients that provide exceptional benefits. Most vets recommend the full spectrum oil rather than the isolate.

  • Check THC Levels

Do not forget to check the THC levels in your cannabidiol products. Your product should state the THC level in it before you purchase it.

Experts believe that organic and safe cannabidiol should have nothing more than 0.03% THC. So, to ensure you’re purchasing an organic product, find out its THC level.

The best providers of hemp products source their goods from organic farms. These organic farms use superior techniques to derive their concentration.

They make use of carbon dioxide in the extraction process. Carbon dioxide eradicates heavy metals and toxins from the solution, ensuring its safety.


CBD is safe and well-tolerated by cats and dogs. You just have to make sure you purchase quality products. Also, make sure you speak to a vet before prescribing any hemp products.

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