Quick Ways To Remember Biochemistry

Biochemistry is not an easy subject to learn. Whether you are learning biochemistry for your graduation, or as part of another course, such as nutrition or medical, it is hard. However, everything has its way of making things easy.

For instance, when you are learning English grammar, you make charts for better memory retention. In biology, you make diagrams and notes for better understanding. Similarly, there are some simple and quick ways to remember biochemistry. Let’s find them out.


The very first step to remembering any subject is reading. It starts with reading lecture notes and lecture slides. Read every lecture note and slide discussed in the course. If you have recordings of lectures, listen to them again, after you are done reading your notes and slides. The examples discussed by your teacher will enhance your reading. Basically, reading is key when it comes to remembering.

If you are reading physical notes, then use a highlighter to highlight the important points in the notes. Similarly if you are reading from soft copies, then highlight using software tools. Add comments, such as ‘This is helpful for remembering the main point of this topic’. Add question marks in places where you do not understand.

For instance, ‘What does this step of the pathway signify?’ Make sure that you clarify your questions from your teacher or your peers, who are done with that particular topic. However, if they fail to satisfy your question, you can take help from the teachers and experts of online biochemistry courses. TangoLearn will provide you detailed insights regarding such online courses.

Memorize Structures

The pathways and structures are most difficult to remember. Before the exams, students mainly get worried about these two aspects of biochemistry. Due to the rising anxiety, the students confuse between different structures and pathways. However, there is nothing wrong in forgetting things. There are so many aspects that you need to remember properly for getting top grades. Tension and confusion are common side effects of biochemistry exams.

Therefore, to avoid this from happening, memorize structures and pathways. The moment you encounter a new structure, or pathway or molecule, start memorizing it. However, make sure that you develop an understanding of them before starting to memorize. This will definitely make memorizing easier. Here is a tip: Try to make memorizing fun, because you have to do a lot of that for your subject.

Engage in Basic and Organic Chemistry

Although this is not absolutely mandatory, it is a good way to jog your memory. An essential part of learning is forgetting. You are bound to forget old things once you start learning new things.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong in getting back to your old chemistry and organic chemistry books. It will help you to jog your memories for better retention of biochemistry. It will also ease your process of learning biochemistry. Difficult concepts of biochemistry will be much more lucid for your understanding.

Therefore, it is never too late to start revisiting your old chemistry and organic chemistry courses. However, if you think that you will not be able to manage it all by yourself, do not worry. You can take help from the online courses on biochemistry offered by TangoLearn. The site will make available some amazing biochemistry courses for managing and balancing your old chemistry knowledge and new biochemistry concepts.

Face Sheet

The term seems relatively new, doesn’t it? However, making a face sheet is not at all difficult or complicated. The whole point of making a face sheet is to make you remember things associated with your topic or subject.

All you have to do is make a face sheet of the most important points of the different lectures on different topics of biochemistry. Remember to write all the important concepts that you have completed in your lectures.

In addition to that, make sure that you write down all the pertinent points that have been covered in a particular lecture. You should also mention the points that your professor has stressed during the lecture for knowing what is important and what is not.

Watch Videos

Did you know that there are different ways of memorizing things? For instance, few students can retain well from digital words, while others cannot do that. Again, there are students who can remember well by reading hard copies of lecture notes.

However, there are students who understand and learn better once they see images and videos. For instance, you are stuck with one particular pathway for a long time. Nothing is really helping you in remembering it. Do not worry.

There is one way which you have not really tried out. Open a video that pertains to the topic. Watch the videos intently and in an effective manner. That is to say, as they explain each section of the pathway, write your own notes. After the end of the video, you will remember everything. Try this out!

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