1000+ Quotes on leadership || Leadership Quotes For Whatsapp Status

Hello, friends today we are sharing your quotes on leadership. These quotes are to motivating yourself to achieve your goals in the future.

These quotes for leadership written by some successful persons of the world who are ruling the world today. You can read these quotes to leadership to generate the leadership qualities in you.
So lets read these quotes you can share leadership quotes for Whatsapp status sharing to motivate your friends and family members.

Quotes on leadership

To achieve success is the only reason why you are here not to live only 

Motivate for the reason you don’t have be patience for the time to achieve it

Success is nothing but imagination is nothing but success

To be successful in the world Just give love to the world

If you are poor take it as your weapon

If you are the one who imagines then you are the one who made for that

If you love your job the success is just inches away

Work hard for a few days enjoy as a champion whole life

Life is a dream live it like a leader

Alexander didn’t want long life He only wants a big life

Every project starts with a dream

Who knows an apple can make a scientist

Life is like a hell but few make it heaven

If the world starts bullying you get addicted because leaders face it whole life

If you are not giving up you are the true leader

Leaders are those who fight not those who never tried

If you are crying today then it’s your problem

Everything starts with that fucki’n dream

If you cannot adjust you made for big

Running with the wounds is the true sign of leadership

Don’t just search for quotes on leadership just search for the burn inside in you

The day that breaks you the day that makes you

If you are showing your wounds to others you are the weakest player in the arena

If you want to become the leader fight till your last blood drop in you

If you want to achieve a big goal achieve small goals one by one

If you want to be a leader like a sea just collect the drops like a sea to be big

If you want some come to get some

Don’t just watch the leaders on T.V just think how to beat them

Don’t just play the game believe in yourself you are the whole game

Life is a game be captain of it be the leader of your life

Leaders are not those who shout on employees leaders are those who maintain all calmly

Quotes on leadership

The thinks you dream thinks to do in life

I am not a puppet of life I will lead all the puppets

If you want something you have to exchange this is the business

Business is nothing just an example of life everything exchanges here

Leadership is such a beautiful thing when it arrives everyone is with you

If you broke enough if you give it up just keep calm you born to be a leader

Quotes on leadership are nothing it’s just a fire which is burning inside you

If you want a leadership just do it like Narendra Modi

If life gives you hard don’t give up because leadership is about to take the pressure

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