100+ Quotes On Nurses || Quotes Of Nurses For Whatsapp Status

Quotes on nurses that you can share on Whatsapp status

Quotes on nurses are the tribute to the nurses of hospitals and in the medical lab etc. Many of you might get casualties in your life like accidents, cancer, surgeries, and any other of them. You guys treated by the doctors and other medical staff to recover well. 

One of them is a nurse who cares for you the most at the entire time like to give you medicines on time and arranges food for you, She always cares about you like your mother at that time. At the time of discharge, you thank the doctor who operates you in the surgery but you want to thank the nurses too for their contribution to help you recover from the injury. So no worries friends we are sharing you some perfect quotes to say thank you or send them personally on to their phone on Whatsapp. Please read these statuses and do share them with your friends and family members who need these quotes.

Status for nurses or status on nurses

Not only doctors but nurses are a true hero

Doctors can diagnose and prescribe but nurses teach us to survive

I don’t care about your religion I am a nurse I am here to treat you well

A doctor prescribes what to inject but the only a nurse can do the job

The only nurse take care of you with a smile and it’s not fake

You always lose your mindset after an accident but the nurse will make your mindset

If you don’t know how to treat an unknown person just learn it from the nurse

She cares you, she cleans you the nurse is always there to treat you

the nurse is like a weapon for every hospital

The doctor is nothing without the nurse

The attention of a nurse is as important as a surgery

She had a note in her hand she had the cap on her head she cares you more than that you call her nurse, take care

Nurses are angels in white dress

No matters whats the situation, the nurse always there with a cute smile

The nurse has a heart that beats for every patient

If you believe in magic the nurse is the greatest magician 

Quotes On Nurses

the nurse is the one who needs to do her best every day

God cannot come to treat you personally that’s why he gave his duty to the nurses

Nurses always do great thinks with a cute smile and make you happy

Never doubt on nurse job she always does it great

Never underestimate nurse She practices magic every day

Nurse do very hard work to make you healthy

No matters you are white or black the nurse cares you with her swag

Nurse treats the patient as a whole note like to make a hole in you

value what you do add value to your work

When someone going through a tough time your smile makes all simple with no words

To accomplish all great think you must do hard work than a dream

You are not perfect you are still learning somebody is with you

You are a nurse you touch lives every day

Quotes On Nurses

Be kind of everyone you meet learn it from the nurse

She is not a nurse she is an angel

She has a key to your life be kind with her

Fill your mind with the truth that she is an angel for you

She talks to you with a kind that’s why she is an angel

You are about to die but nurse make you alive


We hope you like these quotes and we also hope that you will share them with the hospital nursing staff to show them the love. Please be kind to nurses as they care for you on the toughest time of your life.
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