500+ Quotes On Singleness For The Broken Boys

Hello, friends This time we are talking about Quotes on singleness.  This post is dedicated to those persons who are single.
Some of them enjoying their singleness but some want to mingle. If you guys are single then these quotes about singleness. You guys can share these quotes with your single gang or your friend who is single. So let’s look at these awesome single status for WhatsApp.

Who told you that I am single I am with my bad boy’s gang

Hello girls are you blind Look at me I am single

Girls you don’t have a mind I am Albert Einstien

Being single is also different I enjoy with other girlfriends

Yes I am single Because I am single

Its good to be single when it comes about one nightstand

Singleness is the treat for those Who loves mature women

Only single persons say the truth relationships run on the lies

I am single because I don’t want to waste daddy’s money

Single status for boys- Quotes on singleness

Being single is not worse it’s the best thing to enjoy

I am not single, please… I love my career

Yes I am single today but I know someone is waiting for me

Quotes on singleness

I am single but not for you

Its good to be single then fall in the wrong relationship

I know God is preparing something good for me that’s why I am still single and waiting for his creation

She came to steal my heart but what to do I am in police

I am single because my gang is only for singles

Quotes on singleness

I am single because I am not a hero for girls I am the hero of my parents and my friends

I am single because of my anger my girlfriend comparing himself with my mom I slapped her and make myself single again

Quotes on singleness

I am not single my love is secret

Every single person have a love story to make you cry

I am a silent lover because I hate fake

You call me single every day but you don’t know I am crying for someone

I am single, you know why I am afraid to tell my feelings

Being single is also a challenge

Yes I am single today but somebody still lives inside in my hearts

I am single but cry even today for her

I am single I am waiting for her

I left her she loves money

Quotes on singleness

I am single and still love her Because she was my heartbeat

Singleness is not a status it’s a feeling that no one can understand

I am afraid, to tell the truth, I think this is the reason for my singleness

I am single but the king of the world

I am single but a king let’s see who will be my queen

Yes I am still single because she is not ready yet

You are passing your time with others but trust me you are mine

I am single and searching for single profiles

It’s not like that, I was in a relationship I was single from the beginning

I am single but attracted to your girlfriend

I am single because I don’t like EX

Girls are you really single or acting to get me

I am single and happy

Sorry girls I promise my self to be single

We are single and mad don’t know which dog bites us

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