Recent Regulations Related To Slots In The UK

As the online gambling industry grows worldwide, new laws and regulations are being introduced regularly. Recently the Gambling Commission has announced strict measures to protect players from overspending on slot machines. But before we get a hold of the new laws, let us first tell you who exactly makes these laws and why these are crucial for the players – click here.

Why Do We Need Gambling Laws?

Some might wonder why such strict rules are needed in the first place. It is no secret that many of these laws are imposed to protect those who participate in online slots gaming and the providers who provide users with access to casino games.

These laws also ensure that countries receive their rightful share of taxes and can financially justify allowing online casinos in general.

Who Makes Slot Laws in the UK?

Online slot gaming in the UK is regulated by the UKGC or the UK Gambling Commission on behalf of the State Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport or DCMS in accordance with the Gambling Act of 2005. This Parliamentary Act significantly improved the British laws on gambling and betting.

It introduced new security structures for children and vulnerable adults and laid out the licencing procedures for UKGC. The act was also the first official document to put the online gambling industry under scrutiny and license. The gambling laws in the UK are still being devised by the British parliament and are implemented by the Gambling Commission.

New Slots Laws Introduced by The British Parliament

Here are a few of the new slot rules or restrictions implemented by the UK Gambling Commission for 2021:

Autoplay Restrictions:

The authority has restricted the number of Autoplay spins on the slot machines to protect players from losing track of their wagers.

Restrictions on the use of Animations and Sounds:

The authority has restricted the developers to use illusionistic animation and sounds that put out an illusion of a win even though the credits remain the same or are below the wagered amount.

Display The Losses

Developers are now obliged to display the losses and time spent on slot session on the screen. This is to keep players protected from overspending during a slot session.

Restriction on Reverse Withdrawals

The authority has entirely banned the reverse withdrawal functionality. Before, it allowed players to make their bets using the money they have already applied for withdrawing.

Restrictions on Speed Spins

It is now restricted for the developers to include any feature that tends to speed up the play. These include the speed spin feature and also the Quick Spin Feature. According to the restrictions, the reels can not spin faster than 2.5 seconds per revolution.


The introduction of the new laws will decrease the intensity of online slot machines but, at the same time, will also make them more secure and calm by design.

These new laws were introduced recently by the gambling commission, and the online casinos, slot makers and other stakeholders are obliged to implement them before 31st October 2021.

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