Remote Drug Testing For Your Online Company: An HR Guide

Drug tests in workplaces are one of the most debated topics, especially among millennials. The effectiveness and legality of drug tests are often questioned. The moral correctness of drug tests is also an opinionated topic.

A lot of emphases is given to drug testing as it directly influences an employee’s performance and the company. It is getting increasingly more challenging for HR managers to operate drug tests effectively. Firstly, more employees are finding loopholes to cheat drug tests. Secondly, the pandemic has made it challenging to take drug tests remotely.

Drug testing has always been a complicated process. The federal laws surrounding drug testing are essential to know properly. The legalization of marijuana in most US states and many first world countries also compels employers to approach drug tests differently. 

There is a rise in people using different methods to avoid or cheat drug tests. Recently, I have read that market is filled with drug detox drinks such as the Stuff Detox, which makes the job of HR increasingly difficult.

To handle the complicated issues of drug testing efficiently, an HR manager has to know about the different types of drug tests, how to cheat a drug test, and the best ways to take a drug test remotely under current circumstances. The following writings will discuss all the mentioned topics.

Types of Drug Tests

Under federal regulation, there are only a few methods of drug testing allowed to ensure universal standards. The methods are urine sample testing and oral fluid specimen testing. However, many companies also have the authority to test blood, saliva, and hair samples.

Urine Sample Testing

Urine sample testing is a relatively inexpensive method. It is also effective at detecting drug use in recent times. It is one of the standard drug testing methods globally, used by many prominent corporations, chains, and government offices.

Blood Sample Testing

Blood sample testing is a comparatively longer process than urine testing. It is also more expensive. Blood samples are usually incredibly accurate at finding traces of drug abuse. The high accuracy is because of drugs staying in the bloodstream for a more extended period. Blood sample testing is used most prominently for legal investigations and less for employment.

Saliva Sample Testing

Saliva sample testing is relatively more expensive than urine sample testing due to it requiring an extensive lab process. Saliva testing is gaming more popularity among employers for its accuracy in detecting recent use. Also, saliva testing is easy to operate remotely.

Hair Sample Testing

Hair sample testing is a little complicated. It is the most accurate method to detect long term use, but hair samples do not usually detect drug use within the past seven days.

When picking the right method for testing potential employees, the factors to consider are the desired window of detection, budget, state, and federal laws.

Methods Used to Cheat A Drug Test

Urine Sample Dilution

Diluting a urine sample can be done by consuming a lot of water before taking a drug test or mixing water with the urine sample. Nowadays, there is an overwhelming number of companies producing drug detox drinks that also facilitate the dilution process. A diluted urine sample increases the probability of a negative drug test.

Using Detox Shampoo For Hair

The use of certain types of detoxifying shampoos can increase the probability of a negative hair sample drug test. 

Consuming Food That Facilitate Detoxification

Fiber-rich food, burdock, red clover, excessive liquid, herbal teas facilitate the process of natural detoxification.

#How To Effectively Conduct Remote Drug Tests

An HR may not be the most adored person in a company, but the role is essential and incredibly demanding. 2020 has been difficult for everyone, and HR managers have had their fair share of suffering. It is difficult to assess employees while working remotely.

Drug tests are vital to maintaining efficiency and safety in the workplace. During the ongoing pandemic, the solution to maintain drug screening standards is to conduct tests remotely. Following are some effective methods of remote drug testing while maintaining effectiveness –

Remote Oral Fluid Collection Kits

Sending the potential employee an oral fluid collection kit and ensuring that the equipment is used under video call observation is an effective remote drug testing process. A uniquely packaged kit with irreplaceable markets will not be possible to change or tamper with.

Hiring Medical and Transportation Agencies

Hiring medical agencies with drug testing equipment to conduct and collect samples is an increasingly popular method. There are telemedicine agencies that are operating while maintaining pandemic protocols to help companies conduct necessary tests. Companies such as Toplab offer reliable drug screening services with test kits and local pickup services.


Drug screening is an integral part of employee management. From an HR perspective, this task can be daunting in the era of the pandemic. A little bit of vigilance, smart choice of method, and effective implementation will be the ways to ensure the highest standards. The justification for drug screening is often the costs avoided that would otherwise incur by not screening.

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