500+ Baddest Rogue Names That Are Powerful

There are different types of peoples with different types of names. Peoples love to name themselves or their kids in different categories and one of the rogue names are one of them. As the meaning of this term is a person with a bad personality.

These types of names selected by the person who wants to make his or her image bad in society. Choosing these kinds of names is pure art because the name is the only thing that will remain with you till your death. So please be sure and choosy when you are choosing the name for you or your newly born baby.

So without any delay, let’s get into the topic, why we are in this article. Let us discuss the rogue names with the different categories to understand them perfectly and you can choose them easily.

Funny Rogue Names

As you all know that these names can be sometimes funny for many peoples as not everybody likes these names. But some peoples Love the funny things and these are the funny rogue names of those peoples.

Grim Vexx Prysm Tombend
Umbri Maleficum Carmine Brevil
Vexacion Grove Grim Zul
Seskel Geulimja Raven Strain
Gloom Christanti Max Whisper  
Zayne Creighton Elliot Serphent
Carmin Vixen Thyme Zorander
Cyan Black Nebula Addington
Rave Le Doux Klyn Calarook
Chalice Winter Soren Whitmore  
Klyn Keeling Emmit Zul
Jayde Cross Arlin Knotley
Drace Thornheart Rogue Jinx
Dominique Woods Requiem Naxxremis
Larsa Grove Jayde Chalice  
Ecthrois Zul Dream Shadowend
Seren Addington Kaige Vossen
Ashes Drach Thyme Caligari
Arc Christian Kindle Tombend
Ashen Argent Elliot Lovelace  
Drace Manglyeong Fark Everbleed
Freed Marth Blight Carpathia
Blight Deamonne Voss Black
Trik Vonner Gail Le Rouge
Ashes Duke Dream Shadowend  

Female Rogue Names

It is not necessary that only males can be bad and choose the bad names. Females also love these kind of things and they also choose these terms sometime to show their negative personality to the world.

Cyan ShadowsoulThistle Blackwood
Inigo ShadowendEleanore Cross
Rosary ZoranderKatreena Snow
Dominique AngelsinChein Caligari
Lyndis GravesVayne Morgan  
Gossamer BloodgoodQuintessa Diablo
Cat Von SteinUkara Grail
Sarah WillowSax Heliot
Eldia KnotleyLilith Drach
Lament DelarosaSully Duke  
Floris BloodworthNifsara Digby
Diamanda LestatAshera Brevil
Valaine StormRogue Duke
Aries HartVayne Cross
Twilight WyrmSelena Christanti  
Gossamer ShackletonAthena Sephiran
Autumn KnotleyThyme Norwood
Xoxo GravesRoshia Duke
Maggard ScarletwoundThessalia Shadowwalker
Max EverbleedWysteria Whisper  
Leona WolfPamela Ash
Strawberri MorelliAutumn Graves
Siouxsie WrightCrimson Trevil
Lucretia EbonywoodSable Le Blank
Morticia BlackwoodDemonia Ash  

Good Rogue Names

rogue names

In this table, we shared some good names that are perfect for the rogue category and the good thing in this table is that everyone can choose the name from this given table as these are for male and female.

Vervain Vandran Axel Autumn
Zima Fade Amaranth Hallewell
Luna Zul Ukara Wolf
Belladonna Ash Davon Delacroix
Frita La Croix Elissa Shackleton  
Eleanore Helion Alder Christian
Jayde Christanti Magwina Vossen
Quota Howler Jocelyn Lestat
Ulsa Wyrm Sybil Borges
Fane Barkridge Xoxo Hook  
Hortensia Howler Kindle Jones
Axel Le Rouge Granger Willow
Xenia Autumn Lithia Dukes
Servillah Naxxremis Morden Cloven
Luna Shade Zayne Dread  
Rogue Sephiran Draven Umbra
Lusha Kane Arora Argent
Obsidian Grove Tabitha Aura
Noirax Cromwell Arc Grim
Ayda Brevil Arc Evilian  
Ramona Digby Alder Graeme
Nifsara Bloodworth Lyra Villalobos
Roshia Whisper Mace Crypt
Katia Kobe Nereza Wright
Trik Naxxremis Aura Maleficum  

Best Rogue Names

These are the best rogue names chosen from the villain and enemies from the television series and also from the Hollywood movies. Some of the names are from the old Hollywood movies as well as from the old television series.

Arc OnyxTidus Ebonywood
Mathian MaleficumLarsa Redwood
Everit CraneFark Devonshire
Dommik GrailNightshade Addington
Marth MallorSax Ebonywood  
Firion TempestDominic Ash
Seskel VigilSalvodore Redwood
Bludwan GeulimjaRamin Hunt
Echo VixenRoss Hallewell
Eike UmbraElliot Carpathia  
Hamlet HighmoreBalo Devonshire
Grissom LynxDriscoll Mock
Chalice RosebergSliske Shade
Grendel WoodShadow Black
Xander BloodgoodDarren Autumn  
Karver La CroixVorkalth Brevil
Blight TombendQuye Howler
Voss DupreeLouis Autumn
Chaos OnyxSalvotor Gnash
Zeke CrossAdaranth Aimes  
Elliot KillianTalon Crane
Crowley ShadowwalkerLynk Ebonywood
Blade SterosMorren Payne
Semias Le TorneauDemien Le Rouge
Anthrax GeulimjaZane Killoran  

Witty Rogue Names

rogue names

The meaning of witty names is the names that use to make fun of others. Some of the friends use these types of names of their best friends and make fun of them just to enjoy.

Jude Argent Karayan Le Rouge
Xix Tombend Darren Shackleton
Balo Lynx Carmine Knotley
Zaine Fang Bartram White
Zyler Brack Kragen Grimm  
Uberto Whisper Hanzel Cane
Mazus Wolf Chandler Interfector
Zeddicus Graeme Hunter Umbra
Soran Interfector Arlin Knotley
Klyn Jones Ymo Whitmore  
Jett Hart Zayne Blackwood
Mathian Interfector Upir Heliot
Ridley Shadowmend Zayin White
Vail Drabek Tempest Snow
Fromir Victor Hanzel Keeling  
Alder Malum Charles Depraysie
Payne Umbra Zero Soulton
Smoky Craft Semias Diablo
Reks Cromwell Salem Whisper
Mitrik Gnash Yao Calarook  
Wendrake Roseberg Chaos Vandran
Mathian Le Doux Mitrik Autumn
Seymour Lynx Abraham Grove
Sabre Devonshire Sherlock Vonner
Zander Crypt Zamza Barlow  

Cool Rogue Names

These names can be considered cool rogue names because these names were used in the movies and also in some of the television series.

Josef the Lunatic Marlo the Viper
Dillon Muscles Lance Mad Eye
Brock the Swindler Crazy Bruno
Smokey Melville Shark Reynolds
Two Face Mather Slithering Landan  
Redding the Grin Denver Muscles
Sammy Smokes Norm the Pirate
Currier the Crook Bulletproof Llewellyn
Razortooth Barksdale Prowling Parks
Bandana Parke Mad Eyed Leon  
Marcus the Viper Nedes the Rat
Adriel Nine Lives Kipper Fast Fingers
Thomas the Weasel Three Toed Caldwell
Razortooth Thorne Action Brodie
Pegleg Welby Blue Eyed Kimberley  
Sandon the Swindler Jeffrey Poison
Austin the Snake Bret Gold Digger
Kurt the Crook Nine Lives Hawthorne
Slithering Egerton Thieving Brod
Viper Anthony Blue Eyed Derick  
Floyd the Rat Wesley Scarface
Caden the Ravager Newman the Rat
Brewster the Dwarf Smokey Berkeley
Laughing Ryland Viper Stanmore
Wacko Barron Greedy Kenny  

Warrior Cat Rogue Names

Warrior cat rogue names are used for the cats that use in the black magic or for the bad activities as you can understand from the names given in the table below. These names are just opposite from the Disney cat names.

Kallie the Reaper Halsey the Viper
Kayley the Grin Aubree the Sly
Cara the Scar Wild Isabella
Action Mirth Klepto Diana
Razortooth Ashe Weasel Astrid  
Kenzie the Phantom Jocelyn Bandana
Ariella the Swindler Molly the Scar
Leah the Fool Klepto Lydia
Smirking Carling Cheating Kyleigh
Scars Julie Smiling Libby  
Arlissa the Sly Meaghan the Pickpocket
Carley the Smile Ebony Poison
Kyleigh the Menace Robbing Laurel
Prowling Dominique Thieving Sylvia
Scarface Felicity Busting Helena  
Maddison the Greedy Zaria Five Fingers
Hailey the Heister Wilona Crazy Eyes
Cam the Crazy Smirking Celeste
Poison Joie Spider Marina
Brute Cindy Wild Ericka  
Halle Mad Eye Winter Mad Eye
Beverly Bullseye Tracy Grimm
Alysa Grimm Bullettooth Jillian
Jester Rachel Pickpocket Cecelia
Dangerous Ashly Robbing Martha  

Wow Rogue Names

rogue names
Rosa the Lucky Kylie the Suit
Alena One Eye Godiva the Reaper
Amanda Luck Gold Digger Dana
Pickpocket Andrea Phantom Yedda
Four Fingered Tatiana Cheating Sonya  
Bailee the Cheat Karen the Thug
Keira Whispers Kayli the Buster
Arlene Fast Fingers Mad Dog Madyson
Eccentric Beverley Serpent Eliza
Smiling Zaria Wild Gabriella  
Ashlynn Angel Eyes Zoe the Cheat
Hayleigh the Thug Nora Mad Eye
Marlee Shades Bug Eyed Hailee
Coughing Melody Smiling Angeline
Serpent Meaghan Spider Layla  
Brea Toothless Alycia the Con Artist
Caitlyn the Wild Audey the Angel
Ariel the Danger Lunatic Ashlie
Mad Hat Violet Fast Fingers Jazmine
Fast Fingers Tamara Menacing Marley  
Tess the Grin Kari the Smirk
Mayda Danger Outlaw
Sybil the Clown Crazy Eyes Reese
Four Fingered Chana Eccentric Breana
Cheating Bridget Jester Isabell  

Rogue Names Male

These names can be used for the newborn baby boy or for any party, but remember that these names are only for the male who wants to show their worst personality to the world and that’s why these are also called as bad boy names.

Zerid Feman
Makrid Dii 
Glibrof Sil
Fronderth Brun
Heded-Kas Neh-Kez
Borlezask Gaurdisk
Wuin Wan
Zuebiecin Runtiel
Salun Nurein
Vorstorn Gukradd
Narin Glim
Tagrarth Trer
Vachihed Gedin
Tetvojer Dredjet
FieMiung Zildubiz 
Tienten Khuhlud
Jehmum Horkon
Gugrolm Vivom
Mal Vumer
Blur Vok-Vohko
Luhkez Roordivak
Dildouc Shien
Shiang  Hoscambuz
Grozon Deha-Kus
Shandet  Tamimboz

Undead Rogue names

rogue names

What is the rogue names?

These are the names generally choose by the male or female candidates who wants to show the world that how bad personality they are. Some peoples choose these names because this is a different category and some peoples love to choose differently.

Who can use these names?

As you can see in this content that we share these names for both males and females. So anybody can choose these names, but the good thing is that we also share the warrior cat rogue names in this article so you guys can name your cat with these names as well.


These are the rogue names we shared with you and the best part is that we described these names in all the categories, so you guys can choose these names according to your choice.

We love the quote sharing is caring and that’s why we want to tell you that please share this content with your friends and family.

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