Rolex Air King: Should You Wear This Style Of Luxury?

Rolex has always been regarded as the king of luxury watches. With a reputation based on years of consistent refinement, the watch brand is the watch for people who are in power. For instance, President Biden, the 46th president of the United States, is proud to wear his Rolex. Not only that, aside from that celebrities and famous personalities, have this watch as one of their collections. No wonder how great this timepiece is, as it stands the test of time, it gives that wearer a luxurious feel and presence.

Moreover, the luxury watch brand has unveiled the latest addition to its fine line of watches. It’s called Rolex Air King, and it’s something that luxury watch fans are excited to wear. So yes, everyone wants any Rolex watch. 

What Makes Rolex Air King So Exciting?

Apart from the 40mm bezel, which is created using 904L stainless steel, Rolex Air King is powered by the Perpetual 3131 movement. The reason why it is called the Air-King is due to its big nod to aviation. It is every jet fighter pilot’s choice of watch. The thing about having this watch is its celebrity status. It gained a lot of coverage from every media source. You can see this via the small and big screen. High-profile names such as CEOs, Hollywood directors, and political leaders have this watch. 

Rolex is an object of desire. Hence, the moment you buy one, it is re-registered in the watch database. If it gets stolen, the company brand will report the item based on its ID and will be returned to the rightful owner. There are Rolex watches that don’t look flashy compared to the gold editions. One of these is the Rolex Sir King that is an elegant combination of black and silver. Note that this edition is trendy. If you go to the official Rolex website, you will see a detailed 3d look at the watch. 

Why Is It So Special?

This timepiece is a perfect gift. All heroes deserve a reward such as this luxury watch. This gesture is a classy one and will surely delight your loved one. Thus, this is a kind of watch he will celebrate and wear for all seasons. It has a design that can blend with any attire. Black is an elegant color that doesn’t have an enemy. The air King is also a great way to buy for yourself to celebrate your success. Having this watch around your wrist feels so right. It also feels like you’ve won a lottery because let’s face it, you are indeed a winner for being able to afford this watch. Having the Air-King is a way to celebrate another person’s milestone. It is also a gift that you can get for yourself. It is an ultimate gesture of self-love without guilt. 

Although billionaires love their Rolex, is it also true that anyone can afford a Rolex if they know where to buy them. You can get discounted Rolex watches that are used. The point is, everyone who works hard deserves a luxury watch. There are also countries in Eastern Europe that sell this brand for a lower price than the rest of Scandinavia. You can also get the best deals when you shop online. It would be best if you had expert eyes to tell the difference between an authentic Rolex and a fake one.

Why It Stands The Test of Time?

All Rolex watches are durable. They have undergone rigorous tests that made them a great brand. However, a chronograph is still an object that needs upkeep. Ensure that you need to have your Rolex serviced every five years. Thus, this is not for repair but rather to ensure all parts are functioning correctly and the watch will run for decades. You also need to avoid showering with your watch on. Even when the watch is waterproof, soap can have chemicals to do something to the rubber gasket and other parts of the watch. It is better to remove your watch before showering. You also need to avoid getting your watch in situations where it might experience impact or extreme temperature. Luxury watches are not sports watches, even though the Air-King is a sporty watch. Is it always great to wear a watch without scratches, right? 

Final Thoughts

Rolex is a symbol of power and success. What you wear around your wrist tells the world about you. That is why this brand is the safest bet when you are new to luxury watches. Another exciting thing about having this watch is the media attention that’s currently given to it. This series will surely turn heads. Anyone who knows luxury watches will ask you questions about them. Rolex is not just about accurately telling time and having a durable watch. It is also a lifestyle and a fashion statement. 

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