20+ Roman Names For Gods || Roman Names Of gods

Hello Friends in this table We are sharing the
Roman names for gods. We also cover up the gender and the working roles of each god.
As we all know that many movies made in Hollywood on the roman empire. The roman names for gods are very popular in these movies and everyone wants to know who they are and what is the work of each god. Also read- Quotes on joker
So in this article, you will all understand the roles for gods and the goddess. So let’s look at the table and we also describe the working and position of each god and goddess below this table.

Table of Roman names for gods and goddess

roman names for gods
roman names for gods
 No.  Gender  Roman names  Working roles of gods
 1.  God  Mercury  Messenger of gods
 2.  God  Mars  Gods of all the wars
 3.  Goddess  Diana  Goddess of hunt
 4.  Goddess  Minerva  Goddess of wisdom
 5.  God  Apollo  God of all the medicine
 6.  Goddess  Ceres  Goddess of the Harvest
 7.  God  Vulcan  God of the Forge
 8.  God  Pluto  God of the Underworld
 9.  Goddess  Venus  Goddess of Love
10.  God  Saturn  Youngest son of Uranus, Father of Zeus
11.  God  Neptune  God of the Sea
12.  Goddess  Juno  Goddess of Marriage
13.  God  Jupiter  King of the Gods
14.  God  Hercules  Son of Zeus
15.  God  Sol  God of the Sun
16.  God  Ulysses  Greek Hero
17.  Goddess  Luna  Goddess of the Moon
18.  God  Faunus  God of shepherds
19.  Goddess  Aurora  Goddess of the Dawn
20.  Goddess  Victoria  Goddess of Victory
21.  God  Uranus  Father of the Titans
22.  Goddess  Ops  Mother of Zeus / Wife of Cronus
23.  God  Somnus  God of Sleep
24.  Goddess  Tera  Goddess of Earth
25.  God  Cupid  God of Love
26.  Goddess  Proserpine  Goddess of the Underworld
27.  God  Bacchus  God of Wine

1. Mercury-Roman names for gods

The god Mercury is the messenger of the gods. He always sends the message that what gods want and what is right and what is wrong for this nature and for the peoples.

2. Mars

The mars considered as the god of the war. When the Romans goes for the war they always pray to the god mars for the victory in the war.

3. Diana

Diana is the goddess of the hunt. when the Romans in the past go for the hunt in the jungle they always worship Diana for success.

4. Minerva-Roman names for gods

Minerva is the goddess of wisdom. The Romans worship the Minerva for the mind intelligence, to give them a bright mind, to think good, etc.

5. Apollo

The Romans worship the god apollo as he is the god of medicine. The Romans think that medicine is given by the god apollo.

6. Ceres-Roman names for gods

Ceres is the goddess of the harvest. This means the Romans worship the ceres when they do or need harvesting in the farms. Also read- Motivational status

7. Vulcan

Vulcan considers as the god of the forge. When the Romans start making the weapons or something for there living they always worship the god of forge Vulcan.

8. Pluto-Roman names for gods

The Romans consider the pluto as the god of the underworld. When anything like diamond or gold they found from the earth they gave the credit to the Pluto.

9. Venus

Venus is the goddess of love. Romans consider the goddess Venus as the goddess of love.

10. Saturn-Roman names for gods

Saturn is the youngest son of Uranus and the father of the Zeus.

11. Neptune

The Romans consider the Neptune as the god of the sea. The Romans Think at that time that everything they got from the sea like fish and other things is because of the Neptune who is the god of the sea.

12. Juno-Roman names for gods

When Romans merry to someone the first thing they do is worship to the Juno. Because they think that Juno is the goddess who takes care of both the groom and bride for the whole life.

13. Jupiter-Roman names for gods

Jupiter is a very important god for the roman empire. Because the Romans said that Jupiter is the god of all gods in the world.

14. Hercules

Hercules was the son of the Zeus. You may see many Hollywood movies on Hercules. The Hercules is well known for his power so the roman warriors always remember the Hercules for the wars. Also read- Quotes on mechanical engineering

15. Sol- Roman names for gods

Sol is the god of the son. The Romans believes that god sol controlling the sun.

16. Ulysses- Roman names for gods

Ulysses is the hero of the Romans. Ulysses was the king of Ithaca which is the small island. The Ulysses is the roman hero.

17. Luna

Luna is the goddess of the moon according to the roman empire. Luna is the goddess who controls the moon.

18. Faunus

According to the Romans Faunus is the god of the shepherds. All the shepherds worship the god Faunus as they think that Faunus will protect them and their animals.

19. Aurora

According to the Romans Aurora is the goddess of the dawn.

20. Victoria

The Romans worship victoria as they think she is the goddess of the victory. When the Romans empire conquers on others or won any war they worship victoria and gave her the credit of their victory.

21. Uranus

Uranous is the father of the titans. Uranus also the father of the sky.

22. Ops

Ops is the mother of Zeus and wife of Cronus.

23. Somnus

According to the Romans, The Somnus is the god of sleep. The Romans think that when they sleep Somnus gave them the relax in the form of sleep.

24. Tera

Tera is the goddess of the earth according to the Romans. Tera is the goddess who is the owner of this earth and takes care of the earth.

25. Cupid

According to the mythology of the Romans Cupid is the god of love. We also discuss that venus is the goddess of love. so the cupid and the venus both are the god and goddess of love.

26. Proserpine

Proserpine is the goddess of the underworld. we also discussed that the pluto is the god of the earth. so both pluto and Proserpine taking care of the world according to the Romans.

27. Bacchus

Bacchus is the god of agriculture and the wine according to the Romans.


So we share all the information related to the Roman names for gods. we hope you all like this article. we share not only names but there roles and genders also in this article.