Shakira Broke The Internet

Who doesn’t know Shakira? A Colombian/Lebanese singer, songwriter, dancer and actress. Shakira has also been involved in many charitable causes. She has helped to fund education, health, social, and cultural programs. All for disadvantaged children in Latin America. She has also been an advocate for women’s rights. 

Shakira is known for her unique style of music, which blends Latin, Middle Eastern, and rock influences. Her music has been praised for its danceability and its ability to connect with audiences worldwide. She has also been honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, making her the first Colombian to receive such an honor. Check out for more interesting details. 

Her Ex Partner Drama

Shakira and Gerard Pique are former partners who met in 2010 when Pique was a guest at the singer’s show in Madrid. After that, the couple started dating and in 2011, they welcomed their first son, Milan.

The couple was together for 11 years, but in August 2022, they announced their separation. The news was confirmed through their social media accounts, where they both stated that they would remain friends and that they would continue to raise their two children together.

Shakira and Pique have always been very supportive of each other, both professionally and personally. During their relationship, they both achieved incredible successes, including Shakira’s 10th studio album, El Dorado, and Pique’s success as a football player.

The New Hit Song

Shakira’s new hit song “Me Enamoré” is about her break up with her long-time partner, soccer player Gerard Pique. The lyrics of the song express her heartache and sadness over the end of their relationship. The song is a tender ballad, with Shakira’s signature Latin-inspired rhythms and melodies. She sings of the love she still feels for Pique, and the pain of their separation. Her voice is both longing and sad, conveying the emotion of the words.

The chorus of the song is a declaration of her love for Pique, with lyrics that translate to “I fell in love with you, and I can’t help it.” Despite their break up, she still loves him and can’t help but feel the pain of their separation. The song expresses the feeling of being in love, even after it’s gone.

Despite the sadness of the song, it also has an uplifting quality. The chorus is a reminder to keep going, and to keep loving, even in the face of heartbreak. The song is a testament to Shakira’s resilience in the face of adversity, and her ability to keep her head held high despite the pain.

Overall, “Me Enamoré” is a beautiful ballad about the power of love and the pain of heartbreak. With her signature Latin rhythms and heartfelt lyrics, Shakira captures the emotion of the moment and expresses it in a way that will resonate with her fans.

How About Their Sons?

Shakira has spoken out against the press harrassing her children, saying that she and her family have experienced “uninvited intrusion into our private lives.” She has expressed her frustration with paparazzi following her and her children, saying that it can be dangerous as it can lead to “unwanted and potentially dangerous encounters.”

Shakira has also shared her outrage about the press harrassing her children, saying that it is “unacceptable” for anyone to “manipulate the safety of our children for the benefit of the media.” She has urged the press to “do the right thing” and respect their privacy.

Shakira and her husband have also called on the press to “refrain from pursuing or photographing our children, and to respect our right to privacy and to protect our children’s safety.” They have also asked them to “refrain from publishing any photos of our children without our consent.”

Shakira is not alone in her fight against the press harrassing her children. Many celebrities have also spoken out against the press and media intrusion into their families’ lives, citing the potential danger to their children. They have all urged the press and media to respect their privacy and their children’s safety.

Shakira ‘s plans after the Break Up

Shakira said she plans to focus on her music and being a mother. She also said that she is still in the process of “healing” and that she is doing her best to move forward.

Shakira recently released her new album, “El Dorado,” which is dedicated to her sons. While it was written before the break-up, many of the songs are about her experience of healing and hope for the future. She has said that her music is her way of expressing her emotions and that it helps her cope with difficult situations.

Shakira also plans to focus on her philanthropic work. She is involved in several charities and has been active in raising awareness for important causes. She is currently working with UNICEF to help children in need around the world.

In addition to her music and charity work, Shakira also plans to spend more time with her family and friends. She says that she wants to take the time to reconnect with them and make sure that her sons have a strong support system.

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