Six Reasons Why Now is the Time to Try Braces

If 2022 is the year that you’ve decided to get smile confident, then you’ve chosen the right time: with more options than ever before, there’s an alignment solution out there to fit you and your lifestyle. Here are the six reasons why it’s time to take the first step today to get straighter teeth and a stellar smile!

For a Healthier Mouth

Misaligned teeth can cause problems beyond the aesthetic. If you suffer from, for example, crowding, then the affected teeth may be more prone to a build-up of food debris and plaque, as they are inherently harder to keep properly clean. This can be detrimental to the health of the mouth and the whole body. 

As well as preventing decay and gum disease, keeping your mouth healthy is increasingly connected to better overall health; those suffering from long-term or severe gum disease have been shown to be more at risk of heart disease and a multitude of other diseases and conditions.

Availability of Different Options

One of the best reasons to finally begin on the path to a straighter smile is the availability of clear aligners, meaning that, now, your treatment can be discreet, and there is no need to feel self-conscious during its duration. Clear aligners are virtually invisible, and it’s probable that no one will notice that you’re wearing them.

Have a look here for some examples of the best clear braces on the market; the length of treatment is just three to six months with many of these options, and you can get an idea of the cost you can expect to pay here too. Before signing up for an option, take some time to research the different alignment services to check you’re choosing the most suitable for you; you may want to consider whether you want a money-back guarantee, whether the package is compatible with any insurance you have, and the nature of the remote consultation that forms part of the service.

Clear aligners, unlike traditional fixed braces, can be removed, which many people prefer as this can make it easier to clean both the teeth and the appliance itself.

As well as clear aligners, there are several other options, and the nature of the misalignment will largely determine the best option for you. As well as fixed braces, you could also consider lingual braces or self-ligating appliances, so discuss your needs with your orthodontist to find the right solution.

To Get Confident!

If you’re not happy with your smile, then you may feel self-conscious about expressing your feelings and might, for example, have developed the habit of covering your mouth when you laugh or talk. Getting the smile you want this year is a great way to supercharge your confidence and be ready for any and every opportunity that life throws at you.

Our smiles are such an important part of who we are and how we present to the world: if you’re unhappy with yours, then now is the time to do something about it –  being confident with your smile is directly linked to higher levels of self-esteem.

Prevents TMJ Disorder

If you have misaligned teeth, you may be more prone to developing TMJ disorder as your jaw is being put under unnecessary pressure. The symptoms of TMJ are usually pain around the jaw area and a popping sound when yawning or chewing; the condition can even be responsible for the development of migraines and tinnitus.

Resolving misaligned or crowded teeth issues will often also relieve TMJ symptoms. If you think you have TMJ, be sure to speak to your dentist, orthodontist, or doctor to make sure that the symptoms you’re suffering aren’t the result of another condition.

They’re More Affordable Than You Think

Another good reason to get braces this year is their affordability. Many treatment options now offer payment plans, enabling you to budget and spread the cost over a year or a number of years. If you have a dental insurance plan, then your treatment may even be covered.

Getting your teeth aligned can save you money in the long term, too, as it prevents the development of issues that are likely to require treatment that could be costly.

Can Help with Breathing and Eating

And finally, getting your teeth aligned may even help make breathing and eating more comfortable. Overcrowding or problems with bite could mean that you’re not able to chew effectively, which could be causing discomfort or uneven wear to the teeth. 

Many people aren’t aware that misaligned teeth can cause problems with breathing, which can develop into problem-snoring or sleep apnea. The reason for this is that overcrowding, or other alignment issues, can result in the tongue not having enough space when at rest, which then affects breathing through the mouth.

So there you have it – here are the six reasons that you won’t regret deciding to try braces this year. From a happier, more confident you to better overall health, why not take the first step today to getting the perfect smile?

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