If you’re thinking of surprising someone with a plant-based gift, look no further than 420-friendly products and experiences. From Girl Scout Cookies weed seeds to edibles and to vape pens, there’s a 420-friendly product for everyone! Read on for a few ideas. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Marijuana makes for great gifts for cannabis enthusiasts! Here are a few ideas to help you celebrate the holidays in style.

420-friendly gifts

If you’re wondering what to give someone who enjoys weed, here are some cannabis-friendly gift ideas. Marijuana is an unmistakably feminine flower, but there are some things to remember when choosing a gift. Marijuana can be quite potent, and the leaves can leave a strong odor. An odor-reducing candle is a perfect way to mask that smell. These candles feature sensual fruity notes like black currant buds, rose petals, and cardamom.

420-friendly experiences

When considering cannabis gifts, a 420-friendly experience might be a good option. You can find edibles, hard-hitting herbs, and even a tour that allows you to smoke your weed in a designated smoking area. You can also browse online dispensary menus and choose from a variety of 420-friendly experiences. 

420-friendly edibles

When choosing a 420-friendly edible for your special someone, you’ll find that a little bit of marijuana can go a long way. For starters, you can pick a product that includes a hemp wick and a single pre-roll, or go all out and purchase infused edibles in a jar. When choosing a cannabis gift, consider the recipient’s experience level. If they are new to cannabis, they should choose a CBD-rich strain, whereas the eighth jar of a hybrid is a good gift for someone who has been using marijuana for a few years.

420-friendly vape pens

Give 420-friendly vape pens as a gift to a marijuana enthusiast. The pens are easy to use, with only three main components: the mouthpiece, the heating element, and the cannabis oil. Once the batteries are fully charged, the pens are ready to use. The heating element transforms the cannabis into vapor, which can be inhaled the same way as other vaporizers.

420-friendly rolling papers

Getting a gift for a cannabis enthusiast can be a tricky task. It is not always easy to find a unique and interesting gift, especially in such a niche industry. Besides, not everyone shares the same interests. In any case, legalization has led to a wide range of novel and practical cannabis products. Here are some ideas for cannabis-themed gifts. These gifts are ideal for those who have recently taken up cannabis or just enjoy using it as a hobby.

420-friendly lava lamps

Giving a 420-friendly lava lamp as a gift is an easy way to surprise someone who likes to spend time in the garden. They can light it up to enjoy the aromas of their favorite strain. They can even get cannabis-themed candles to light up their place. This way, they can enjoy the experience of cannabis smoking while enhancing their space. Besides, they can even surprise someone with a 420-friendly room spray!

420-friendly gummies

If you want to surprise your significant other with cannabis, there are a few different options that are 420-friendly. A few gummies are edible and can be a fun way to share your love for weed. These edibles are sweet, delicious, and contain the same effects as real cannabis. Alternatively, you can make your own cannabis-infused gummies. Just be sure to choose a flavor that goes well with their favorite flavors.

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