200+ Status About Beauty Of Sexy Girls And Women’s

Status about beauty of sexy girls is not dedicated to a single thing as beauty is everywhere you see in the world. as you know there are many beautiful things in the world we are living in the form of natural beauty, technological beauty, humans beauty. but we are about to talk about sexy girl’s and women’s beauty status. These are the status of beauty or beauty status for Whatsapp also.

So lets discuss these beautifully written hand picked status for beautiful girls.

Status about beauty

Beauty attracts the eye but personality captures the heart

You can never know someones unless you know them from inside

you judge the beauty from her curves i judge from her smile

Let me tell your smartness is the real beauty

Whats makes you more beautiful then others is finding beauty in others

the thing i love more than myself is your beauty that really kills me all the time

what can i say about your beauty you are just like rainbow to me

someone that you love the most is your girls beauty

the day i fall in love with you was when you pass me a shy smile

you got the most beautiful and a killing smile that can attract anyone

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Pretty statusstatus about beauty

pretty status
pretty status

You like sexy girls but i like pretty girls they are sexier then sexy

My girl is like butterfly pretty to see but hard to catch

A pretty girl is that who have a shy smile on her face

I accepts that i fall in love with you because of your pretty face

A pretty girl is a killer when she drunk

Trust me a pretty face and a bad attitude is a dangerous combination

Why pretty girls are dumb all the time i tested

The best accessory a girl have is that pretty smile

I love the pretty girls with cool attitude

Why pretty girls love to stay with the bad boys

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Status on beautiful facestatus about beauty

A smiling face is always better to tackle any situation normally

Beautiful face made with the beautiful smile not with attitude

Beautiful face can hypnotize any special and sharp mind

A beautiful face is nothing but a positive attitude

The most beautiful face i saw in my life is your face

I request to never cut your hair because it gives shadow to your beautiful face

Beautiful face is not important then a beautiful heart

when i see your beautiful face i feel like its early morning sun’s raises

I loose my heart on your beautiful face

I saw 9th wonder of the world and that’s your beautiful face

looking beautiful statusstatus about beauty

looking beautiful status
looking beautiful status

You are looking as beautiful as sun shining in the morning

You are looking absolutely beautiful my flawless love

When i look at you i feel happiest person in the world, you are looking beautiful

Oh don’t be shy my lady you are looking so beautiful

You are looking an angel in white looking really beautiful my love

You are looking aggressive in black so sexy my love so sexy

Oh i forgot my identity when look at you, looking beautiful

When i look at you i feels like looking you first time, how you can be so fresh all the time

The world is not pretty all the time but you look beautiful as always

You have no idea how fast my heart is beating

You are not looking beautiful today you are looking killer

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Status on cute facestatus about beauty

Keep a smile on your cute face and keep them jealous

Cute is your face killer attitude, you are just like lady Dracula

Only girls know how to hide the pain and smile on her cute face

My day not completes if i don’t tell you that i love you

Beauty is lite heart not that fake smile with cute face

Its like time stops to see your cute face and that smile is cherry on the cake

When i see your cute face i always feel it like first time

The cute face is nothing without the beautiful smile

Its like my heart started running when you smiles on me

A happy and smiling women is more attractive then a attitude girl

status for beautystatus about beauty

Status for beauty
Status about beauty

Beauty is nothing without a golden heart

Beauty is not a feeling its like way to live the life

Beauty can attract but golden heart is for ever

Beauty is not about pretty face its about having pretty mind, kind heart and most importantly a pure soul

Do all with smartness and drop the less for your beautiful smile

Beautiful things never love only attracts towards them

Smartness is a perfect beauty (status about beauty)

Beauty may fade with time but golden heart and kindness for always

Beauty is in the eyes of the person who see

Do not judge a girl by its beauty judge by her nature and attitude

Beauty status for Whatsappstatus about beauty

Hide your craziness behind the beautiful smile

Every love story is beautiful but my favourite is our love story

Beauty is not in attitude its in the kindness

Beauty is to shine your talent in front of the world

Dear god please give me beauty with the kind heart

I don’t appreciate my beauty smell will tell which is rose

You are as beautiful as the light of moon

Today is the beautiful day live it with smile because tomorrow is the mystery

Beautiful heart is more important then a beautiful face

Never give up your dreams keeps smiling

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Status For sexy girlsstatus about beauty

I am cool but global warming make me hot

You are the sexiest girl i ever met lets appreciate your beauty, come closer girl

You came here in the red dress and rain drops make you sexy and hot

Don’t go with your smile girl your eyes are quite sexy to handle me

You don’t need the weapon hotty your sexy smile can win the war

Its not my attitude its my way to live the life

I am your love please make a place in your heart

Don’t try to walk with these curves believe me your smile handling all things

You don’t like me its, ok who care i know i am sexy

4 bottle pepsi i am looking for taxi, my phone is galaxy only need a sexy


So these are the status about beauty for those guys who wants to impress the beautiful and sexy girls by appreciating the beauty of the girl or women. we tried to include all the categories related to the Whatsapp sexy status. please share these statuses if you guys believe in the concept of sharing is caring.