The importance of your nickname

A name is not just a set of symbols. Of course, you can call yourself in the virtual world a simple combination 333 (and there are such examples), but you can also approach this task more creatively. After all, a nickname is a business card of a player, and this is all information about yourself you can get along with your avatar:

  • Often, people try to choose a glorious name that will be remembered. They strive to be delightful in everything, therefore they select a sonorous nick like Queen of Poker, Poker Beauty, etc.;
  • The options with the first and last name can be considered no less memorable. This method of self-presentation is preferred by many online poker stars;
  • There is also another tactic – to make the nickname not particularly noticeable, in order to play quietly and calmly while calculating your income;
  • People are using nicknames, showing ingenuity and even humor. 

Before selecting a nick, think about whether it should be loud and memorable, or quiet and standard. With an unusual nickname, you can easily create the desired image, and with a regular one, you will quickly merge with the “crowd”. There are no right or wrong nicknames in this case, the choice depends on the style of play and your character.

The Most Famous Nicknames

There are many good psychologists among experienced poker players who can learn more about an opponent from a name. Consider what you want to say to professional soul readers, and we will share with you the nicknames of the most successful poker stars in the world:

  • Phil Ivey – RaiseOnce;
  • Ilya Gorodetsky – ilushan;
  • Daniel Negreanu – KidPoker;
  • Daniel Cates – w00ki3z;
  • Nick Dentinho – mlk017;
  • Douglas Polk – WCG|Rider.

The very first thing that players pay attention to when sitting at the table is the name (nickname) of the opponent, as well as his avatar. But if an avatar is not always used, then you cannot do without a nickname.

If it seems that choosing a name is worthless, this is a fundamentally wrong point of view, since it is a responsible and important procedure. We can always change it, but in most cases, the players do not do this, and when registering in new rooms they try to use the nickname selected earlier. First and foremost rule – you should like your nickname, and it shouldn’t cause negative emotions. Perhaps, following our advice, you will pick a decent nickname, and we will see you in the list of WSOP participants. Good luck!

Who Is Who: The Most Famous Pseudonyms in Online Poker

PokerStars usually hosts around 7000 users simultaneously, but we hear more about a few of them than all the rest combined. As with all disciplines with a high skill factor, professionals reach the top. But who are these people? What kind of players is hiding behind their nicknames? Who dominates the tables on PokerStars? Let’s find out!

Anonymity Is Above All

In some cases, we just don’t know who plays under a certain nickname. PokerStars allows players to remain anonymous just like in many virtual casinos on Android, and the site simply does not disclose who these players are. But sometimes information can be found on social networks and other media, and you can also meet these people at events, where they sometimes tell about what pseudonyms they play under. Now there is a fairly large database with information about the players and their nicknames, and it’s time to share it with you.

The list includes only those players whose nicknames are well-known or who have voluntarily provided information about it online – usually through a social media account, a performance tracking service, interviews, etc.:

NicknameReal NameCountry
26071985Christoph VogelsangUK
1_conor_b_1Conor BeresfordUK
Andy McLEODJames ObstCosta Rica
Apotheosis92Christopher KrukCanada
baeks22Stefan SchillhabelAustria
BillLewinskyJoris RuijsNetherlands
cal42688Calvin AndersonUSA
dans170′Danilo de Lima DemetrioBrazil
Gunning4youScott SeiverCanada

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