The Name of the Game! This is how Games are Named

The optimal game name must work worldwide without translation. It has to sound good and give an impression what kind of game is hidden behind it. Not to forget, it has to be easy to remember and pronounced without mistakes. The “perfect name” has no embarrassing meaning in any other language.

You see: Naming a game is not easy at all. In popular genres it becomes even more difficult because all the obvious names are already used. The history of games is much too long to leave any bigger gaps. Digital games alone now exist for about 40 years! To see how many of them there are today.

Here we list some analogue and virtual games with very well-known names and their origins.


The name of this popular board games speaks for itself: The aim of it is to build up an empire and make the other players lose all their money. At the end, one person, the winner of the game, has its own monopoly. Not every name is as easy to explain as this one. The game was based on “The Landlord’s Game”, a board game from the year 1904 that showed the risks of monopolistic land ownership. Monopoly can also be seen as a critique of capitalist relations, or you accept it just as thrilling game that keeps you and your friends busy for many hours.

Rise of Ra

The Rise of Ra is a very famous slot machine, not only in real life, but also in the digital dimension. It wraps itself in a nostalgic pharaonic design, all symbols originate from ancient Egypt. On you can have a look at this slot and many others with interesting names and creative designs. And if you want, you can choose the one that suits you most and start with just one click. It is not necessary to play with real money, just invest some digital coins and have some fun. But there is an option to play with real money also. Be sure to check their bonuses as well.


Solitaire means something or someone that is all alone. And: Solitaire is a board game for just one person, with no other players around. The board is crossed-shaped and set with 32 little figures in 33 holes or squares. The aim is to get rid of 31 figure and left only one, if possible in the middle of the cross. So not only the player is alone, the play figure will be will be soon too, if all goes well. Thus, this game’s name could not be more fitting. By the way: There is a simple pattern for solving the solitaire puzzle. Once you figure it out, you can do it again and again. On already reported about the different kinds of Solitaire, if you want some more facts. 


The previous names all make sense, but what about the card game blackjack? The origins of this game can be traced back to the French Vingt-et-un (twenty-one), but at one point in history blackjack changed its name. This happened in the casino metropolis Las Vegas, where the game Vingt-et-Un did not rise much attention. The name changers chose “blackjack”, because if a player had an ace of spades (black) or any jack with the first two cards, the casinos promised a significantly higher payout – sometimes even up to 10:1. On you learn more about the world-famous card game. 


Billiard is a table game for people with a steady hand. The name originates from the French language, there the word “bille” means something like a small ball or marble. And there are really some little balls on the table while you are playing billiard! Did you know that there are about 35 different types of this game? The most popular versions are snooker and pool, closely followed by skittles, English billiards and Russian billiards. Where these names come from we will find out some other time, not now. 


Numerous theories and myths surround the origin of the golf sport and its name. Some say “golf” is an acronym for “Gentlemen only Ladies forbidden”: This sound like a weird, but somehow plausible theory. In old times golf was only allowed to be played by men or boys. But that was not only the case with this sport, but also with many others! For women, all sorts of physical activity were considered unseemly. Perhaps the word “golf” has a Dutch or a Russian background, no one knows it exactly. 

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