The Ultimate 6 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Significant Other In 2021

How do you show how much you love someone? Will a thousand boxes of the best premium chocolate suffice? Maybe the new iPhone or Nike Air Forces? Maybe. But let’s talk about dates. If you’re wondering how to show your love for your partner through Valentine’s Day date, fear not! We got your back. 

February 14 is a much anticipated day, especially for couples. You get to each other smile, laugh or sometimes even cry. Because of COVID-19, Valentine’s dates might have to be a little different this year, but it certainly doesn’t have to be boring! Read on for our ultimate 2021 Valentine’s Day date ideas that are fun and safe.

  1. Get your date a wristwatch

Giving your date trinkets and jewelry is the best way to let the person know that you treasure them. If you want to go all out, then give your significant other a luxury watch. To be specific, give the person the must-have Rolex model. You can check this link for the Rolex Air King price. Wristwatches are the best representation that you value the time that you two spend together. It is also a big bonus that the person will always remember you whenever they check out the time.

  1. Fancy Dinner Virtual Date

You can spend your Valentine’s at home and still have fun. Play games like charades, Pictionary, or the classic 20 questions. Room tours can help you get to know each other more as well. For dinner, you can search up some recipes on YouTube to try out. Dress up, cook a four-course meal, pour some red wine, and eat together on a video call. Then follow it up with a movie marathon together using the Netflix Party Extension or Twoseven. Dancing and singing until late at night can be fun too. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Make a Photo Album

The only thing better than making memories is recording them. Sure, you have some pictures on your phone or your social media but having a physical album takes saving photos to another level. Take some polaroids or print out some old pictures and make your personalized photo album. It would be great to add some significant items with sentimental value, as well a receipt of your first dinner together, an old movie ticket, or even some petals from a gift of flowers. Write a letter to each other (it might be cheesy, but hey, that’s what Valentine’s is for, right?) or to your future selves. List down some of your dreams and goals for yourselves and each other.

  1. Go for a Drive

If you want to go out but “not-really-out”, driving around is a good option. Tour around the city, go through the suburbs or drive to wherever the roads will lead you to. Make a playlist of your favorite songs for karaoke in the car. Comedy podcasts can also be fun to listen to with your partner. Try buying your favorite foods from different drive-thrus, then drive a little bit more to (hopefully) uncrowded places. Set up a fort in the back of your car and watch the sunset while you hold your partner’s hand. Drive-in movie theaters are also a great idea if the beaches are too far or crowded. Sit in the comfort of your car and watch a movie through a whole new experience. 

  1. Try a New Sport Together

Learning something new by yourself can be intimidating and overwhelming so try it out with your lover! Sports is a good way to get some movement back to your limbs that are tired of sitting at home and to bond with your significant other. Biking is a classic activity for couples. If learning how to bike from scratch is too much, tandem bikes are equally fun as well. If you’re new to rollerblading and skating, you can get a few scratches here and there, but you can treat each other’s wounds and laugh it off after. There’s also tennis, volleyball, badminton, and table tennis, which are physically distanced sports that you can play if you want to keep yourselves safe. 

  1. Online Escape Rooms

Have you ever dreamt of playing detective? Rack your brains and share a brain cell by playing virtual escape rooms! The Escape Game Remote Adventures, The Grimm Escape, and The Bank Heist are some of the available escape rooms online. If you both love the Harry Potter series, the Hogwarts Digital Escape Room is the way to go. Play detective, solve puzzles, unravel a mystery, and escape the room through teamwork. Thinking together and learning each other’s minds can form a deeper bond. Plus, the thrill of the chase will leave you excited!


Valentine’s Day dates are going to be different this year, but you don’t have to spend your Valentine’s bummed about the situation now. Remember that special dates for a special person make special relationships. At the end of the day, whatever date you choose will only matter if that special someone is with you. Have a great date!

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