Things you should have in common with your partner if you want to have a life long relationship

When we find a partner we hope it will be for life. For many, it may take time, but when the right person arrives, they know that they will be the one they will ask to marry and with whom they will form a family in the future. However, it is common to see relationships that seemed perfect end up breaking up because they realize that they are not compatible.

It has always been said that “opposites attract” and it is true, but there are certain aspects in which having different opinions becomes the perfect recipe for the relationship to end much sooner than we expected.

And if we want to be 100% sure that the person with whom we have decided to share our life is the right one, we must look at four fundamental points and see if we share the same opinions about them. These are basic factors when looking to the future that will guarantee a lasting and happy relationship if both parties agree, according to psychologist and relationship expert Clifford Lazarus.

Character or temperament

If you are a shy person, dating someone more outgoing may be just what you need. However, if the relationship is made up of two people who are at opposite ends of the spectrum, this difference will most likely cause conflict in the end. Practice your behavior and your words with an independent female escort if you get more confident. 

A couple with completely different temperaments will see this characteristic as something good and new at first, but over time it will be a problem.


It may be something quite obvious to many, but similarity in preferences and tastes in bed is essential and yet dissatisfaction in this aspect is one of the most common problems in couples. It is not something that is often talked about although we all should. This is not an escort service in Melbourne, it’s your date that you want for a life-long relationship.

If we share interests and desires the relationship will be much happier than if we are forced to satisfy the other person and receive nothing in return. Talk, find out what you like, what you don’t like and see if you are compatible.

Likes and hobbies

As with character, dating a person exactly like you can be boring but dating someone with whom you happen not to share hobbies is not ideal either. You should each have your own likes and dislikes but also some that serve to bring the couple together and that you can do together for fun. If you have activities that you like to do together (but not absolutely all of them), congratulations, your relationship may be for life.

Vision of the future and the world

It is impossible for a relationship to work if the day you decide to have children you realize that your ideas about how to raise them are completely different. It also has little chance of surviving if you don’t share the same opinion on how to spend money (at least on important things) or where you see yourselves in a few years. 

And of course, if we want to make sure that the person we’ve chosen to share our life with is indeed the one, then we must have similar political views.  That a very right-wing person and a very left-wing person can be happy together is more of a legend than ever.

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