Tips For Student`s Study And Life

For many people, the university is a way to prolong their childhood, but once they graduate they don’t know what to do. To avoid being in this situation, spend your college years as efficiently as possible. We have prepared a couple of recommendations that will be useful for this.

For studying

  • Find your study style

Some students find it easier to work in a group, while others work independently. Some students’ working capacity is sky-high in the morning, while others’ brains start working only after 6 p.m. Some of them perceive information audibly, others only visually. Some can understand and analyze even in the subway, even at a rock concert, and some need a certain environment and atmosphere. Each of the possible learning styles is unique, with its advantages and disadvantages. You need to pick the one that’s right for you to make the learning process as effective as possible.

  • Work on the K-R-E-M-I principle

The secret of successful studies lies in the K-R-E-M-I strategy, each component of which corresponds to certain skills and qualities:

K – creativity. Ability to apply non-standard approaches and use imagination when solving certain tasks.

R – thinking. The skill of analyzing received information and obtaining knowledge on its basis, as well as the ability to assess own work and achievements.

E – efficiency. The ability to intelligently setting priorities, effective management of one’s resources (time, effort, emotions).

M – motivation. A clear understanding of the necessary result of this or that work, the expediency of certain actions to achieve the goal, the ability to maintain the work pace and mindset.

I – initiative. Active participation in the learning process (both physical and mental).

  • Remember that your career starts at university

Universities provide more than just the necessary theoretical knowledge. To strengthen the skills you’ve learned as well as to acquire new ones, don’t ignore practice, get internships. In addition to the narrowly focused skills needed by certain professionals, you acquire skills that will be useful in all professions: teamwork, creative thinking, and stress resistance.

  • Explore Yourself

Engage in self-analysis to keep track of your goals and the steps you have taken to achieve them, successes and failures. Analyze your emotional state: which activities give you the most pleasure, and which ones you should force yourself to do. Periodically review your notes, they will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, as well as help you decide which skill is worth developing.

For living in a dorm

What are the usual reasons for conflicts?

  • biorhythm mismatches;
  • differences in mentality, upbringing, or personality;
  • lifestyle;
  • domestic issues, including different ideas about cleanliness;
  • respect for personal boundaries;
  • leisure habits.

Fortunately, all of these issues are easily resolved if you discuss them calmly. And the sooner you do this, the better.

  • Don’t argue with your neighbors

Do not quarrel with both roommates and dorm mates in general. These are people with whom you are going to live together for quite a long time, so why ruin your relationship with them? Don’t be greedy, be friendly and patient. Consider it a contribution to the future, because one day you may need help.

  • Be friendly with the administration

Commandants, guards, and the superintendent are people who can both complicate your life in the dorm and make it easier. To avoid the first scenario, simply treat the administration adequately. Say hello, don’t be rude, don’t be cheeky – simply put, respect them and their work – and you will be happy.

Qualities, without which it will be difficult in the dormitory:

  • adequacy;
  • the ability to negotiate;
  • resourcefulness;
  • a sense of humor;
  • patience;
  • the ability to share.

When preparing for a session

  • Complete your assignments on time

An exam session is a time when nerves are on edge, so why complicate things with debt? Under such conditions, you can easily drive yourself to emotional exhaustion and burnout. They arise during the session because of the high workload. Start preparing in advance, so as not to add to the stress. Then you won’t have to write an essay in a hurry or look for essay writing help.

  • Repeat the information in intervals

In order not to make the questions seem like something new and unexplored, study the subject throughout the semester. In this case, it is convenient to use the technique of interval repetition. Its essence is that you need to periodically review the notes and textbooks. Intervals of repetition should increase. For example, first read the notes in a week after the lecture, then in two weeks, in a month, and so on. Then you don’t have to learn everything from scratch by the exam, you just need to refresh the material.

  • Be mentally prepared

You’re not going to do any better if you’re shaking with fear and taking sedatives before every exam or test. Try to cope with your worries. If you worry, you won’t have the nerves and strength for the whole session.

  • Be sure to get enough sleep 

Rest is the best thing you can do before the exam. You’ll think more actively and remember more quickly.

  • Learn at least half of the information

If the subject is very complicated and you understand that you cannot master all the questions, then learn at least half of it. Just run through the second part of the material with your eyes, to orient yourself in the subject.

  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate with your teacher.

If you are unlucky, and out of all the questions got the one in which your knowledge is not the strongest, try to negotiate with the teacher. Often brave students can improve their scores by convincing the teacher of their knowledge. The best option of all is to ask the examiner to chase you through other questions or simply move the question. However, you should resort to such an option only if you are confident in your abilities. And you should not confuse confidence and impudence – if the teacher does not go to a compromise, you should not insist.

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