Top 10 Skills IT Recruiters Should Have For 2021 & Mistakes To Avoid

During the last year, the face of business has changed completely. The IT sector also shifted to working online. As a result, people had to adjust to working with their colleagues through the Internet. But how can you hire a worker without ever even meeting them in person? This is a difficult task that IT recruiting specialists faced in 2021.

Studies show that often businesses suffer because of a lack of talent. In other words, if you can’t hire the best people for the job, your organization will not succeed. Together with the human resources department, they become responsible for creating an effective team.

Of course, as in any other profession, there are some things that can turn you into an excellent expert. At the same time, there are also some common errors specific to this profession. So, here are the top ten skills IT recruiters should have and some mistakes they should avoid.

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Who’s an IT Recruiter?

Today, working in the information technology sector, you have a lot of opportunities, and one of them is recruiting. There are even separate companies like Develux that provide IT recruitment services to other parties. This is an exciting career path with chances to grow and choose your own vector.

It’s wrong to think that there is a single field that a scout can occupy. For example, after working in a company for some time, you can focus on finding

  • cybersecurity specialists;
  • front-end and back-end developers;
  • IoT experts;
  • iOS developers;
  • and many others.

The role of a skilled IT recruiter cannot be overstated. Some business owners don’t have enough resources to hire recruiters focused on different departments. In this case, a couple of scouts for all divisions should be enough. But if you want a tailored and expert approach, you should consider hiring a person specifically for recruiting IT workers.

Top Soft Skills

Soft skills are those that a person needs to communicate with others effectively. In simple words, it’s their ability to present themselves in a team and their personal traits. 


The ability to communicate with candidates and colleagues is the basis of the IT recruitment firms. You will have to go through countless interviews, performance evaluations, and one-to-one dialogues. So, make sure that you can express yourself properly, both in person and on paper!


Sometimes, you will have to interview a professional with extensive skills and knowledge in information technologies. Recruiters don’t have to know everything about the position, only the basics. In these cases, confidence is everything. Don’t lose your cool just because you think that an interviewee is smarter than you. Instead, learn from this situation and grow as an expert!

Tolerance and Empathy

It will be silly to think that only smart candidates will come to apply. Best IT recruitment specialists will be kind to any person who comes for an interview, even if their knowledge is below the expectations of the company. You also need to express empathy to candidates who are nervous or feel like they don’t deserve this job. Just give them a chance!

Ability to Listen

This is another side of effective communication. Scouts have to not only talk but also listen to the candidates. There are some tricky questions during the interview when people open up about their past failures or successes. A competent IT recruiter will always pay attention to everything that a candidate has to share.

Understanding of Body Language

There are things that a person can’t express with words. For example, if you are very nervous, you can instinctively cross your arms or look at the floor. In successful IT recruitment consultancies, people pick up on this body language and try to deescalate the situation. You need to make the interview as relaxed and as pleasant as possible!


This is a skill that applies to all workers in HR. Sometimes, firms hire IT recruiting companies because they can’t find a perfect employee. In these cases, you need a lot of patience while looking for candidates. It might take a long time, but in the end, this search will be worth it! You need some persistence while reading dozens of resumes as well.

Top Hard Skills

This is a set of abilities that are specific to a chosen profession and can be measured in some way. 

Critical Thinking

The ability to critically assess everything that a candidate tells you is a huge part of being the best IT recruitment specialist. You have to filter the facts about the applicant and gather all information that might relate to the job. Sometimes, people like to make more of their potential than it is in reality. It’s a job interview, after all!

Knowledge of Used Technologies

Often, the interviews are divided into two parts.

  1. The first part is talking with the candidate about their life, previous experiences, and jobs.
  2. The second part is technical, where the programming capabilities of the applicant are discussed.

If you want to be the best in your IT recruitment agency, you will have to do these parts by yourself! Of course, in the later stages of the interview process, programmers also will take part in this, so the applicant will pass every step.

Marketing and Sales Skills

Even though IT staff recruitment is connected to the world of technologies, scouts have to sell their company to the applicants. This calls for some marketing abilities because recruiters are like salespeople in a lot of cases. Just like a marketer, you have to find the best selling points about your company and pitch them to the job seekers.


If you are on LinkedIn, you already know the importance of networking. It seems that all recruiters on this website are connected with each other. But in reality, it is only a plus when you can recommend a perfect candidate to your colleague. You might even get a pretty nice bonus for suggesting a person to an organization!

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What Mistakes to Avoid?

Of course, as in any other field, IT recruitment firms can make some mistakes. In some cases, this might cost them a great candidate who would be perfect for the job. So, here is a list of things that you should avoid.

  • Creating a weak job description. Some people might not even understand that they fit the description if it’s poorly written.
  • Not considering workers from within the company. Maybe, there is a right person sitting right across the room!
  • Relying on your unconscious bias. You might not even realize it, but you can unconsciously discriminate against some candidates. In 2021, there is no place for such practices.
  • Using the interview as the only indicator of knowledge. Some people can be too nervous to present themselves adequately. Give them a test task or schedule another meeting in a couple of days.
  • Rejecting a person with too many qualifications. Some recruiters think that an overqualified candidate will be bored at this position. But instead of shutting them down, try to think about growth opportunities for them.


So there you have it. Some people tend to think that recruiting is easy: you just talk to people and decide to hire them or not. In reality, this is a much more complicated process during which candidates and scouts work together to achieve the best result!

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