Top 3 Huawei Phone Models You Should Buy Today

While Huawei phones do not cost as much compared to other top brands like Sony or Samsung, it offers excellent quality and standards at an affordable price. If you want to purchase a new Huawei phone, below is a list of Huawei phone models available online for sales today:

 1. Huawei P40 Pro 5G

 Huawei P40 Pro is a top-of-the-line flagship device, which boasts an impressive 50MP rear camera. The Selfie Camera can now record up to 32 MP and features AI that automatically adjusts the face shape and colors for any light environment.

 With upgraded wide-angle, ultrawide, and Super Sensing rear cameras and an improved front camera to capture the moment from any angle – Huawei P40 Pro can capture every detail beautifully. Besides, it’s equipped with a 50MP Ultra Vision rear camera, 40MP Cine ultrawide lens, 12MP telephoto lens, and 32MP selfie camera.

 The deep-sea blue color on this sophisticated steel handset makes for one of the most eye-catching devices you’ll ever find on the phone. Never miss another moment with Huawei P40 Pro’s high-performance 5G network capabilities.

 2. Huawei Nova 7i

 From design and performance to collaboration with Google for Android 10, including Google Assistant and Google Play Protect, the Huawei Nova 7i is your ultimate companion. Additionally, the phone features a beautiful 6.40 OLED 18:9 display panel that supports HDR10 video playback; this phone is built to be your entertainment companion when you’re not productive in the office or on the go.

 And with LVM technology at just 3mm between all glass surfaces for seamless views and IP68 certification against water immersion up to five meters deep and dust tightness, this phone has been designed with customers in mind who intend it for use under challenging environments.

 Also, the phone is equipped with a staggering 6.40-inch touchscreen display, as well as appealing features you’ll love. If you want to take a picture, you can double-press the volume down key and unlock your phone without pressing any buttons. Besides, the fingerprint scanner is located on the back of the phone for easy access.

 3. Huawei P40

 Sleek, powerful, and eye-catching, the Huawei P40 is the right phone for you. With a camera system co-engineered by Leica to produce stunning photos with every snap of the shutter, fast processing speeds thanks to Kirin 990 chipset, and stylish finish, there are many reasons to make the P40 your next phone.

 The Kirin 990 chipset provides a performance speed of up to 2GHz, guaranteeing fast response times compared to conventional chipsets such as Qualcomm’s 845, resulting in laggy gameplay on 3D games and delays loading time.

4K live streaming powers visuals for improved entertainment on certain apps like YouTube or Netflix – you get higher quality video with less pixelation when watching videos or playing games without compromising on other features.

And serious gaming doesn’t even need to stop with 22.5W SuperCharge available for unlimited playtime fun – a good thing since we don’t know what it feels like to put down our phones anyway.

Final Thoughts

 Whether you’re looking for a model that suits your budget or one with the latest features, circles. life has plenty of Huawei phone models to choose from. We hope this blog post gave you some helpful recommendations when it comes time to purchase your new smartphone!

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