Top 5 Fashion Tips for a Man for a First Date

When you connect with someone on a dating platform you can spend some time getting to know them better by exchanging intimate messages. The secure communication channel offered by these matchmaking resources makes it easy to strike up flirty conversations. When your relationship progresses to the next level – a face-to-face date – you should always aim to make a strong impression. Your fashion sense can determine whether your new partner relishes the occasion, or makes excuses to curtail the event! With that being said, dating consultants from this website tackled this issue and came up with five top tips for the discerning male for a first date.

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Dress for the occasion

If you’ve arranged to meet in an informal setting, say a cinema or bowling alley, there would be no point turning up in your best suit. Not only would you stick out like a sore thumb, but your partner could feel uncomfortable. Conversely, if your initial rendezvous is taking place in a smart restaurant or trendy wine bar, jeans and sneakers might even lead to you being barred from entering – a catastrophic outcome for your inaugural get-together! Just exercise a modicum of common sense. You could always drop hints about your partner’s intentions – smart, casual, or smart/casual – during your online chats.

Wear something comfortable

Perhaps you’ve just bought a pair of designer jeans you’re keen to show off on your date. The problem is, you’re aware of the fact you might need to shed a few points to avoid the waist digging in! The best advice would be to put this item aside – see it as an incentive to eat more healthily for a period. Wear trousers you know will be a good fit. This is especially the case for new shoes. You might love them, but what if they need to be broken in? Limping alongside your new partner would not be a great look.

Low key is better

You’ll need to strike a balance between outfits that display character and not drawing too much attention to yourself. Your date will not be impressed if all eyes are on you and not her when you enter your date location. Florid shirts can certainly be a talking point, and with designers such as Moschino, the emphasis seems to be on the gaudier the better. But neutral colors would be preferable for your first date, allowing the focus to remain on your scintillating conversation, not how eye-catching your shirt happens to be.

Think designer

There’s definitely something about designer labels that can achieve a level of sophistication, without being overly ostentatious. A subtle label here or there would be preferable to a logo emblazoned across your chest. You’ll pay more for designer attire, but this is invariably a reflection of how well-designed and intricately-crafted a particular item of clothing happens to be. Designer shirts, jeans, or jackets simply tend to hang better on their subject. Wearing something by Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Valentino, or any other famous designer will make you appear as if you’ve given careful thought to your outfit, within the context of wishing your date to feel appreciated. If you treat your first date like a special occasion, your partner will feel special, too.


We all have personal favourites amongst our wardrobes. Perhaps you have t-shirts with that band you loved listening to when you were younger or hoodies in the colours of your favoured sports teams. What if you wore a New York Yankees sweatshirt only to discover your prospective partner was a hardcore NY Mets fan? Love should transcend these rivalries, but a first date is all about gelling, not creating unnecessary friction.

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