360 camera booth – Top reasons for you to invest in it for your next event

Everybody wants to cherish the memories they have made in their lives and serve that purpose, and photographs came into play. While having a special occasion, previously, it was common to have a photo booth that lets the guests have some pictures to keep. Though this photo booth was the best feature of the old days, people wanted to have something modern with the advancement.

Thanks to the advancement in photography equipment, now we have booths that spin, called the 360 camera boothThese booths have introduced a new level of creativity among people. Now the meetings or events, which were considered boring previously, are what people feel excited about. Having a photo booth in the events ensures that all attendees are present and having fun.

What is a 360 camera booth?

A 360 camera booth, or in other words, a rotating booth, allows you to take a picture by taking 360 degrees around you. The photograph clicked has a 360 degrees view of the person standing in front of it, making it more special than an ordinary photograph.

The working of a rotating photo booth is entirely different from the traditional photo booths that click the standing pictures. Instead, you stand at an elevated platform while the camera is spinning around you. The camera is rotating with the help of a spinning arm.

The reason why a 360 camera booth is so successful is that the one who is standing on the platform does not feel trapped. It is a set that can be set up anywhere as it demands only a little space. In most events, the organizers decide to put it in the center of attention to keep everybody engaged. 

There are two types of spinning booths. While one is more advanced, the other needs some extra effort for the person. These are manual rotating booths and automatic rotating booths.

  1. Manual rotating booth – It is the booth that requires an extra push from the outside to spin. So if you want to click a 360-degree photograph, you need somebody to push it for you. It stops once all the energy put on it finishes.
  2. Automatic rotating booth – With today’s technology, nobody is unaware of the meaning of automatic. A camera booth that spins automatically is called an automatic rotating booth. To control it, you get a remote that can help you start and stop it whenever you want.

In the above mentioned two types, the automatic ones are most commonly used these days. People want to enjoy the moment completely without worrying about pushing anything. 

Reasons why a 360 photo booth is a must-have for your next event

Now that you know what a 360 photo booth is and how it works, here are the reasons why you should have one for the next big occasion.

  • To Make attendees feel like celebrities

Who would not want to attend an event where they get the treatment a celebrity gets? Exactly no one, so to make all the people who have decided to show up feeling like a big celebrity invest in a rotating booth. You may be wondering how this booth can make others feel special. 

To simplify it, all that celebrity needs to do is pose, and a beautiful picture is clicked. An attendee of your event would have to do the same to have an excellent picture clicked. The picture comes out as extraordinarily beautiful art with the excellent technology used in the setup.

  • To have another decorative piece at the venue

By now you must have understood that this booth is of great advantage to keep the people satisfied. Besides that feature, it also has another thing to offer, its unique looking. A 360 photo booth can work as a beautiful decor for the place of the event, owing to its design.

A photo booth that spins and is placed among the crowd will get a lot of attention, making the people talk about it. In addition, it requires very little space to set up, unlike the traditionally used photo booths, which needed a lot of space just to keep. 

If the rotating booth is placed in the middle, it gives the people an opportunity to click themselves with the actual party. It can be a great memory for them to keep, as it will help them remember the complete event, not just themselves. It is a feature that the traditional photo booth lacked as you had to click your picture in a separate setup.

  • Complete set up in one 

Most people think that a photo booth is just a booth where people click their pictures that are animated later on. But now, a photo booth is not a booth. Instead, it is a setup where a person can get any photo he wants. From photographs to portraits, gif, or a video, a person can get anything from a spinning booth.

The most advanced feature of the rotating booths is the slow-motion feature, where people can make the slo-mo of themselves. This feature has contributed to the increasing demand for these booths.

Such booths also save you from the hassle of having the camera, lighting, and the place separately decided. For example, with a 360 photo booth, you get the lighting setup. There is no worry about the place of the camera or even the booth.

  • Choose from buying or renting option

You may not be the person who plans events very often; thus, you would need to buy a photo booth. For this, you can get a spinning booth on rent, which allows you to spend less without compromising the features. With a rental photo booth, you may have to set up everything on your own. If you do not want to do that, choose to hire a service that will take the load off of your shoulder.

If you often organize parties and events, then buying a rotating photo booth would be the best option for you. You will have to spend the money only once, and every event will be in talks for a very long time.


With a spinning photo booth, you can give the attendees and yourself a great experience of enjoying the event.

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