Two Different Types Of Electricians And Benefits Of Choosing Them

An electrician is a very skilled person working in the construction industry and has a specialization in design, installation, maintenance, and repairing power systems. Nowadays, there is a massive demand for electricians in the market due to the high-tech equipment used at various places such as houses, restaurants, offices, and many others. In a Cell study, it has been expected that the growth of electrical work will increase 10% by 2028.

As per the history of Solar panels, it have been used for over a century now, but the technology has been evolving at a rapid pace.

There are three sectors where the electricians work, and these three sectors are residential office building and commercial construction. Electricians are very skilled in electrical things as they get full training during their study period. There are various reasons for hiring the electrician as the common man does not know the working and fixing of electrical things. Let us talk in depth about the various types of electricians.

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Usually, there are two types of electricians which are categorized as lineman and wireman.

  • Lineman 

Linemen are also known as outside electricians as they work outdoors. The lineman is the electrician whose work is to install the electric utility transmission and distribute the system at higher voltages. The main job of the lineman is to ensure that the electricity produced at the power plants moves to the substations and the electricity produced is equipped to manage the high voltage lines across the residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. 

A lineman’s job is challenging as they need to be outside of their home for several hours. However, the linemen are well trained in their job, and they always try to do it with complete honesty and dedication so that there cannot be any problem.

  • Wireman 

Wiremen are also known as inside electricians, and the work of wiremen is to deal with the lower voltages which are being found inside the structures and buildings. The job of a Level 2 Electrician Ryde wireman is to install, maintain and repair the electrical systems which are given to the residential, commercial, and industrial buildings with reliable power. The solar panel installation at the houses comes under this category as the wireamen are responsible for installing the solar plates at somebody’s house. 

The workers are also well trained in their work, and they try to do their work with total efficiency. There are many kinds of electricians based on the certification levels which they have done. Usually, there are three levels of certification for the people who want to do the work in the electrical field. These three levels are apprentice’s journeyman and master electrician.

  • Apprentice electrician

It is the first step to become an electrician as the person needs to go through an apprenticeship program. For this program, the person needs to have a high school diploma for applying in most of the states. Usually, an apprenticeship program will take many hundred hours of classrooms before joining the commercial electrician group. When the person completes his three to six years in this, then the person can apply for the apprenticeship under an electrician who has a license.

  • Journeyman electrician

Once a person completes his apprenticeship program, the person needs to fulfill all the requirements needed to become a journeyman electrician, where he will receive his license from the local, state, or Federal group of licensing. If the person has a certificate, nobody can stop him from working. The person can also work without supervision and can also have the credentials to train the new apprentice.

  • Master electrician

It is the highest level of certification in the electrical field, which has different requirements from state to state. In most of these States, the standard working hours of an electrician is 4000 hours. Master electricians are the electricians who used to work on very complicated commercial and industrial projects, and they also have the experience to give the training to other journeyman electricians.

What Is The Average Income Of An Electrician?

In a record it has been stated that the annual income of an electrician is $55,190 in 2018. But in 2018, the annual income of electricians has risen. The people have started opting for their career as an electrician due to the salary which they get. Nowadays, there is a very positive change in the employment of the people as an electrician all over the world. 

According to the people during their career as an electrician is a very recommendable choice as they get a very vast range of work and salary. Electricians are one of the trade people who are very busy in their lives as everyone needs their help in one form. 

Benefits Of Hiring An Electrician

As we know, nowadays every single item used at home or offices is very high tech. The ordinary men do not know how to fix them, so they need to call an electrician to install or fix them. The Level 2 Electrician Ryde is well trained in their job to prepare for install and electrical items very quickly without having any kind of issue. There are many benefits of calling an electrician in the case of any repairmen or installing of electrical. Let us examine some of the benefits in brief.

  • Well Skilled 

Electricians are very skilled as they get their training during their study period and they have gone through so many programs which help them to gain the skills regarding the electrical. The ordinary man does not possess the abilities and the experience in comparison to an electrician. The electricians have so much experience as they deal with electrical items on a regular basis.

  • Well Aware Of The Current And Wires

The electricians are taught about the current flowing and the different types of wires during their training. They have all the knowledge about the current and the virus which are being used in the electrical gadgets. The common man does not have a vast knowledge about all these things. So it becomes essential for them to call the electrician in case of any installment or repairmen of electrical item. 

So after knowing all the parts about an electrician, we can clearly say that electricians are very trained tradesmen. 

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