What Are Moon Rocks And Are They Worth The Extra Money?

If you’ve seen moon rocks at your local recreational dispensary in Aurora, you may have initially balked at their higher price and then wondered what they were and if they would, in fact, take you to the moon.

Or, perhaps the term “moon rocks” is entirely new to you even though you thought you’d already tried everything Mary Jane had to offer. Either way, you should know what these mossy-looking nuggets are and maybe even enjoy them at least once or twice. Here’s the downlow on moon rocks and if they’re worth the extra cost.

What Exactly Are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks, sometimes called caviar, are considered a delicacy in the cannabis world. A single bud is taken and coated in concentrate or hash and then rolled in kief, creating a triple-layer delight that will pique the interest of even the most seasoned stoner.

While some people say that moon rocks are a way for growers to cover up low-quality buds and sell them for a higher price, there are definitely connoisseurs that use top-shelf bud, concentrate, and kief to create their caviar.

How to Smoke Moon Rocks

Smoking a moon rock or caviar from a recreational dispensary in Aurora isn’t like smoking regular bud. They are slow to light and tend to smolder rather than burn.

Once you get it going, it will be going for quite some time. There are some ways you can consume it and other ways you definitely can’t. Here’s how moon rocks fare in common consumption scenarios:

In a Joint or Blunt

Moon rocks are difficult to break up and shouldn’t go in your grinder. They’ll cause your grinder to get sticky, and a lot of your product will get lodged in the small holes and be too difficult to get out. This makes it a poor choice if you’re trying to roll a joint.

A blunt could be better; if the pieces of moon rock are too large for a joint but still rollable, a blunt will give you the extra room you need. Also, the slow burn of the blunt wrap helps extend the smoking experience, so nothing is wasted.

In a Vaporizer

Because moon rocks are both flower and concentrate, using a dry herb vaporizer isn’t a very good method of consumption either. The concentrate may only melt instead of vaporize, leaving you with wasted product and a sticky vape.

If all you have is a vaporizer, you’d be better off using the old method of converting a soda pop can into a homemade pipe to smoke your moon rocks. You really do risk ruining your vape this way.

In a Bong or Pipe

Usually, the most ideal way to smoke a moon rock is with a bong or pipe. Since a moon rock is thick and sticky, it’s too hard to grind it down into a fine consistency. The best you’ll be able to do is pinch or cut off tiny chunks and mash them together in a bowl.

Make sure your bowl is clean; the last thing you want is something as delectable as weed caviar in a pipe full of black resin. You won’t be able to enjoy the layers of flavors or the smoking experience nearly as well.

Can You Make Your Own Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks can be made yourself if you have bud (popcorn is best), concentrate, and kief. You’ll typically find all of these at a dispo, but you may have to shop around for the kief. Expect the process to be a bit messy; even if you’re careful to keep your concentrate in a dish and your kief on wax paper, you’re still working with extremely sticky products.

If you’re making them yourself, you’re also bound to have some waste. It’s generally not economical, especially on an individual scale if you’re looking to add a little caviar to your personal stash.

Should You Buy Moon Rocks from a Recreational Dispensary In Aurora?

There’s no doubt that moon rocks or caviar are pricier than other forms of cannabis at any recreational dispensary in Aurora. They pack a whopping ~50% THC, whereas high-grade flower at most tops 30%.

If the toss up is between making them or buying them, purchasing your moon rocks definitely means less mess and product waste than attempting to make them on your own.

So are moon rocks worth the extra cost? Just like with any other kind of weed, you’ll get a wide variety of answers depending on who you ask.

However, the consensus among stoners is that like actual caviar, moon rocks are a once-in-awhile treat that you bring out for a special occasion. They’re not something you’ll likely purchase regularly, but they’re a great novelty for a party or to celebrate something special.

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