What Is Botto And How It Generates Crypto Art?

Do you have any idea about Botto digital art? You can call it crypto art where you can store bitcoin and ethereum. With non-fungible tokens, you can stay on a blockchain that represents an artwork. NFT is easy to track and allows the authenticity verification and history of the owners.

Crypto art is a category of art that involves blockchain technology that has been accepted as a digital artwork in a very short time. Crypto art is a place to store digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is the most reliable way where you can physically enjoy Bitcoin, and in this case, you don’t have to worry about the security of any computer hacker. Usually, crypto art comes in three sizes that are designed to hold ready-made frames. Even you can add the small artwork in a presentation book.

Botto.com is a digital artwork platform called Decentralized Artists and generates art based on community feedback. Botto presents 50 artworks each week for those who vote on their favorite artwork. This voting segment is used for botto algorithm training and needs to be monitored to improve the art they create. Each week a final artwork is minted as NFT, and every auction is redistributed to the community.

How do botto work?

Botto is an autonomous digital art platform where the community governs the artists. It creates 50 artworks and presents them to the community, and these artworks together are called a series. If there is ever an individual accent, it is called a fragment. Then the vote begins, and with the help of this vote, the individual preference is understood to see how well each participant has been able to represent the art.

Each vote is used as feedback to explain the botto generative algorithm. If there is any additional direction, it is tried to be input in the next art series. Gradually botto one creates an art that is completely managed by the community.

Once a week, an art fragment auction is placed in the super rare section, and an auction is created for it. In the meantime, botto.com keeps creating a new art series so that the auction is not interrupted in any way. Already 52 super rare art has been presented here in 52 weeks. With the help of documentation, every attempt is made ascetic and comprehensive.

So, crypto art is a digital art collection, and the owner must have a verified membership. Crypto art has many forms like music, graphic images, video, photography, and much more. With the digital scarcity mindset, you can buy, sell, trade, and collect artwork.

How to become a crypto artist?

A crypto artist is a digital artist who stores his artwork in a digital gallery and sells it with the help of digital currency. Below are some steps that will guide you to participate in the botto.com platform:

  • First, you create physical artwork, then digitize or create digital native work. The language that is created for generative art is called processing.
  • Every artwork has a beautiful story that you have to present in the medium.
  • Then you have to create a digital wallet which is a very delicate part, and you have to do it with money. You will have a private key and a personal key in which you will never be able to reveal the private key. You can write it on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place. No one knows your private key except you because if you lose it, you will lose the whole wallet. With the help of a public key, you will receive payment or other digital work.
  • Then, you have to exhibit your work in the digital gallery, and to enter the digital gallery, you have to have a digital wallet. Each gallery will very carefully select an artist whose work will be exhibited. You can join them on social networking sites if you want.
  • When your work is displayed, you can cross-check between your work in the gallery and your story in the medium. If anyone is interested in knowing the story, he can do it.
  • You need to check if there is any offer to buy your art, if you are satisfied with that offer, you can sell immediately. Sometimes you can get a little emotional because you have to sell your artwork no matter how digital it is. You can donate or receive your artwork if you wish.

What is a Botto token?

If you want to help train the botto algorithm and vote on the artwork of your choice, you need to collect some botto tokens. Collecting tokens is a straightforward way where you can deposit some funds in an ethereum wallet with ether.

An automated market maker is a uniswap whose website shows that it is a token exchange way that you can exchange some ethers for the botto.com platform with the help of uniswap, but you have to make sure that all the ethers are not empty. Because later you have to pay the fee with some ether.


Although it sounds interesting, this is the safest way to store bitcoin. The Bitcoin protocol is secure, but if your mobile or computer is hacked for any reason, then there is a chance that someone will seal all Bitcoin. For this reason, it is safe to store unused bitcoin offline that is called cold storage. Crypto art merges bitcoin through digital art to visually enjoy bitcoin.

Botto tries to create a new art series. Anyone can join botto.com as it is a decentralized autonomous artist. Each user must have a botto native cryptocurrency and properly count votes. Here, every artist spends hundreds of hours, and research shows that every artwork is made with the idea that it will affect the digital currency revolution.

Each art museum is executed with archival ink on quality paper. Usually, 12 colorgiclee painters and thick Hahnemuhle paper are used with semi-glossy photos on one side and watercolor on the other. Each artwork is hand-created, with limited editions and authentic certificates.

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