What Is The Difference Between The CCNP And HCNP?

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This question can be seen as what is the difference between Cisco Certification and Huawei Certification?

Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages between the Two Certifications

At present, the advantages of learning Huawei HCIE Certification are more equipment, an exam in Chinese, attachable HCIE, numbers relatively in the front, and a small number of people passing the certification in China. Disadvantages: low foreign recognition

The advantages of learning Cisco CCIE Certification are high foreign recognition, high general recognition, and relatively easy to pass.

The disadvantages are exams in English, uneven levels, the proliferation of certificates, and the reduction of domestic equipment.

In a word: the value of the two has its own advantages. The Cisco exam is in English, and those who are not good at English can give up directly.

Secondly, the discussion about CCNP and HCIP is better or more suitable for what kind of candidates can be divided into the following points:


Huawei is well-known in China. Cisco does not occupy as much market in China as Huawei. It can be seen that Huawei occupies a large proportion of China.

And as we all know, with the fast development of Huawei in recent years, Huawei has been labeled patriotic in the mind of Chinese people, including the comparison with Apple some time ago. Huawei accounts for a large proportion of China.

Therefore, those who want to develop at home and have no idea to develop abroad are suitable for HCIP. The value depends on the candidates and the positions.


In foreign countries, it must be Cisco. First of all, it is the highest level of Internet certification in the world. Compared with Huawei, Cisco is very popular abroad. CCIE holders account for less than 3% of the total number of Cisco Certification and less than 1% of global network practitioners. It is the certification of Cisco’s most advanced technical ability. It is located at the top of Cisco’s Certification Pyramid System. It is also one of the most authoritative and respected certificates recognized by the IT industry. In 2003, it was rated as the top ten IT certification in the world, With the reputation of IT Ultimate Certification.

If you want to develop abroad for a long time, I personally suggest that CCNP will have a higher value than HCIP, because they are all foreign capitalists and may pay more attention to CCNP Certification.

But the main thing is that foreign enterprises are not only interested in CCNP Certification, but also fluent oral English and the ability to do things well, which are valued by some foreign enterprises.

It can be seen that the comparison between CCNP and HCIP depends on the future development direction, and there is more knowledge about CCNP and HCIP waiting for people to explore. You can take a look at these materials. As an understanding, it is still worth seeing. The key point is that it is free.

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