What Should I Look for When Purchasing C60?

C60 is one of the revolutionary discoveries of the 90’s era. Its discovery has not only been game changing for the nanotechnology but also human health as well. The molecule carbon 60 was discovered in the year 1985 by Buckminster hence its name Buckminsterfullerene. Its stability has been groundbreaking for the delivery of drugs and genes in cell and animal studies. It is made up of 60 carbon molecules forming a soccer ball like shape. It is its unique shape that makes it possible for the details inside to remain held inside. C60 has high affinity to grabbing free radicals thanks to its antioxidant nature hence ridding your body of the causes of cell damage caused by the free radicals.

How is it made?

Carbon is one of the earthly elements that are part of everything including all life forms. The difference in appearances is caused by how the carbon molecules have bonded. C60 is made from the laboratory and is made through carbon vaporization process. This however has to be done under the right conditions if the carbon molecules are to come together to form the soccer ball shaped C60. 

Where do I buy C60?

There are very many places where you can purchase C60 from today including both land based and online stores. Its demand in the market has attracted very many manufacturers including scammers. This is why no one can afford to make the purchase at least before doing their own research on what to look for. Besides ensuring you are choosing a top quality seller, there are other factors that you need to be considering. 

Quality of concentration 

There are different types of C60 oil products you will find shelved online and in stores near you. The difference in their quality will be plainly visible and indicated on its packaging. The best quality of oil that you purchase needs to be about99.95% pure. The concentration can go as far as 99.99% in purity however you should not settle for anything less. The higher the concentration the more quality the product is and the % rating is what you can best use to determine the quality of the C60 oil you need. You should also avoid any v product that lacks the percentage rating on it highlighting the concentration of C60 purity.

Certified organic oils

Unfortunately C60 does not get to be taken with any regular oil. Before purchasing any C60 related oil product, ensure you ascertain the type of oil that was used. The best kind of oil for C60 consumption is the organic oil. Organic oils are produced without methods like genetically modified organisms. The reason why organic oils are ideal is in how they allow natural substances and prevent any synthetic substances in the oil making it safe for human consumption. The seller website and product packaging should alert you on the type of oil that was used for the C60 oil formation. 

Proof of third part lab tests 

Just like most manufactured drugs, food, supplements and medication, C60 has to go through third party lab testing. An independent laboratory should do the tests and have the results on the packaging or website of the seller. These test results prove to the public that the C60 oil products are indeed safe for use not just for them but for their pets too. There are many households that purchase C60 oils to use for their dog diet in bid to improve their immunity and eyesight.

Dark colored bottle (amber preferably)

C60 oil is sensitive and can be affected when stored in the wrong type of bottle. The best kinds of bottle to use for storage are the dark or amber ones that restrict entry of light into the bottle. Light will affect the C60 oil to begin degrading hence becoming less reliable the more you use it. There should also be storage instructions that will help you understand what you ought to and not to do when storing. You for instance have to choose a cool and dry area for storage and that includes refrigeration. You will however have to wait until congeal disappears from the oil as it regains room temperature after undergoing refrigeration.

No unnecessary additives 

In bid to improve the durability of oils on the shelf, some manufacturers might go ahead to add preservatives and additives that have not been approved to the C60 oils. You must pay attention to details by checking the list of ingredients used in the preparation of the C60 oils. Before opening, a properly stored bottle of C60 should be able to last over 24 months and only 2 months upon opening of the lid. The use of unauthorized or unsafe additives in the C60 oil might make it unsuitable for both human and pet consumption.

Dosage instructions 

Before purchasing C60 oil from any store whether online or offline, you have to verify the dosage instructions on it. There are lots of people who choose to overlook the dosage factor however it is beneficial when you begin by introducing small amounts of C60 oil to your diet or skin. You can then up the amount over time as you get the space to monitor the progress. Most certified sellers online and near you will give you the right instructions on how to properly use C60 oil. Avoid shopping from sellers who are unable to give you the right dosage to use for their products. 

Solvent free C60

Solvent free 

Solvent free C60 refers the C60 oil that does not contain any amount of solvents in it. This means the C60 that was used in the process was pure and not used in any kind of solvent before. For the market standard, the C60 oils have to contain at least less than %% of solvent should there be any. Any amount of solvent higher than the stated amount makes the product risky and not reliable in terms of efficiency. 

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