What types of bonuses could you expect from online casinos in Canada?

The gambling industry is growing every day and the advent of online casinos has increased the popularity of the industry to another level. If a random customer searches for an online casino in Canada, he would end up with a list of countless websites.

So, the best canadian online casinos are offering lucrative bonuses and rewards to suck people into their websites. Some of these bonuses are explained in this article.

Types of promotional bonuses offered in online casinos

Welcome bonus – Sometimes, a casino will offer to join or welcome bonuses to the players who are yet to become its members. Although a casino has several attractive rewards and promotional offers for the existing members, it could not get new customers as they would not know about the rewards going on within the company.

As there is a need to get the attention of the customers beforehand, almost all casinos offer this welcome bonus. There would be an assurance for a certain percent of the customer’s deposit amount as the bonus. So, the additional amount you get is dependent on the money you have to deposit. For instance, if the offer is for 50% of the deposit, you will get $50 additionally for a deposit of $100.

Referral bonus – You could see casino players gaining too much money using their friends. They are doing nothing but convincing their friends to deposit in his casino by praising the casino with the benefits he could claim. As his friends show interest in the casino and make their deposits, he will get rewards from the casino side. Also, check-

Since the person is helping the casino company to get new customers, he is being rewarded. If you have some friends or family people who would love to join any casino, you can try convincing them to join your casino to claim this reward if available. 

Deposit bonus – Some casino players would be playing in a casino just one or two times for fun. However, some people will be passionate about gambling and they would be playing it as a profession.

Since the latter is contributing something to the casino regularly, the casino would offer them some bonuses for the deposits they make at regular intervals. It could be a twenty to thirty percent bonus for their deposit. New players could not expect such a bonus from the casino. It is applicable only for loyal and long-term customers. 

High deposit bonus – Let us assume that you and your friend are playing in a casino and you have a passion for casino gaming. So, you would be depositing more as you will come back to the casino regularly. However, your friend may make lower deposits as he is not a regular gambler.

Comparing you both, the casino would be happy to host you as your deposits are huge. Since it would help them if you continue to make such deposits, they would tempt you by providing a bonus for the huge deposits. It is known as a high deposit bonus.

No deposit bonuses – All casinos would ask you to meet the initial deposit requirements to be eligible to play the game you want. If you do not have that much money, you would have to move out of the casino. However, on the casinos that offer no deposit bonuses, you can play some games even without matching the initial deposit requirements. 

Cashback bonuses – Cashback is an action that brings you a certain portion of the money you have spent for something. In the casino world, a cashback bonus will work in the same way. Here, you will get a certain portion of the money that you have lost due to some losses in your previous sessions. If you have lost about $100, you may get $25.

However, a casino doesn’t need to give cashback for all the losses. It is just a promotional offer. Occasional bonuses – There are several days with some specialties associated with them. It could be Christmas week or Halloween week. As these days are something different from ordinary days, you could witness some extra rewards provided by the online casinos. 

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