What You Should Know About Yogurt

Yogurt is deemed as an essential food that not only brings us many physical benefits but mental benefits as well. But do we really know the processes that go on in our bodies when we consume yogurt?

Or what exactly combines to produce the wonder that is yogurt? Over the years there have been different variants of yogurt all hosting different tastes. Nowadays yogurt is readily available in every grocery store or supermarket and purchased by a significant number of households. 

Yogurt by itself proves to be as scrumptious as can be but can also go wonderfully well with other dishes too. When you go to the grocery store you’ll find that there are many many unique types of yogurt. These are not only different by name but also house a variety of tastes too.

The information given below relates to the entire production and packaging process of yogurt, how the process changes according to different types and why we should eat more of it. Many know that yogurt is healthy however the specifics of how it actually strengthens us is also worth educating ourselves about. 

How Yogurt Is Produced And Packaged 

What everyone knows is that yogurt is basically made by the fermentation of milk via bacteria, however, there is more than meets the eye. Acid bacteria known as yogurt cultures are added to milk, this begins the process of fermentation.

Part of the milk is also converted to lactic acid during this process which is what is responsible for the tangy flavor that yogurt usually has. By this point the longer the process is allowed to continue the thicker the yogurt produced will be.

Some say the longer fermentation process allows for more health benefits while others agree the process should be cut short for the longevity of the yogurt. Either way, the end result is tasty, delicious tangy, and thick yogurt.  

There are some variations in place of this process that result in a different type of yogurts. The milk used could be from a different animal, the composition of the milk could be different and other ingredients may also be added throughout the process.

All of these can slightly or significantly change the taste of yogurt allowing for different types. After this, the yogurt is packaged either by the producer or from trusted yogurt packaging suppliers and shipped to supermarkets where consumers can purchase them. Some of the yogurt bottles seen in supermarkets even have quotes on them to make them more appealing to a certain audience.

3 Different Types Of Yogurt

The process above is the traditional method of producing yogurt however there is a collection of other types in which some of the variables are changed. 

1: Yogurt Made From Different Milk

Yogurt that is made from either sheep or goat milk is different from traditional yogurt in the sense that they are flavored differently. Yogurt made from sheep’s milk is competitively denser than traditional yogurt. It also houses reduced amounts of lactose which would be appreciated by those who are lactose intolerant. Similarly, yogurt made from goat milk is deemed as tasting similar to cheese and also includes less lactose than traditional yogurt. 

2: Traditional Yogurt

The most basic kind of yogurt that is made is that from milk produced by cows. It goes through the entire fermentation of the milking process and no other variables are changed. Naturally, it tastes creamy and could be tangy depending on the time taken to ferment it. Some even prefer to add fruits here and there to enhance the flavor in the way they prefer. 

3: Greek Yogurt

Recently, Greek yogurt has seen an influx of production and is growing more and more in popularity. The difference in the production process between greek yogurt and traditional yogurt is that the fermented milk is strained after the normal procedure. This is known to reduce the amount of lactose and water present in the milk and change the taste. Greek Yogurt is significantly creamier than normal and a bit more acidic as well. 

Health Benefits Of Yogurt 

As creamy or tangy as yogurt tastes, it is undeniable that the benefits it gives us are unmatched. From physically strengthening our bones to helping our mood, yogurt truly does make a difference. 

Physically yogurt provides our body with a plethora of proteins and nutrients. Both of which are necessary for us to stay healthy or to get healthy. The acidic nature of Greek yogurt is known to improve our digestion while the yogurt produced from different types of milk usually has less lactose in them. Did we mention that yogurt is good for your heart and improves your heartbeat? The risk of many diseases is also decreased due to yogurt.

Mentally yogurt is known for its ability to energize your brain and help you think clearer and better. Similarly, the time it takes to recover from a heavy workout also shrinks and with the added energy allows us to tackle more tasks throughout the day which reduces stress. 


Yogurt truly does have the magic of improving our mental and physical wellbeing. The proof of this is the hundreds of years we have utilized it to our advantage. Hopefully, you may have learned a bit more about a product used daily by many. Whether it is how yogurt is manufactured or what kind of advantages different types of yogurt offer, the creamy and thick taste is unrivaled. 

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