WhatsApp Pay: Future Payment Method For Online Casino

Anyone who has ever used different messaging apps will be familiar with WhatsApp. This international, cross-platform instant messaging app has been available since January 2009, pretty much when the first smartphones started wiggling their way into the market.

Since then, it has amassed millions of users, and by February 2020 that number reached 2 billion!

Needless to say, WhatsApp is a great success story, and it’s only getting better with the introduction of WhatsApp Pay. There is still a lot of confusion and bewilderment as to what WhatsApp Pay is, and why it’s important for online casino users. 

WhatsApp could make it easier for users to visit new Play’n GO casinos with this feature. There are already several casinos that accept payments through WhatsApp Pay. 

To combat this confusion, we’ve gathered all the important information for you below!

What is WhatsApp Pay?

WhatsApp Pay is a feature introduced to WhatsApp sometime in 2018. This UPI-based payment service allows users to make transactions – both incoming and outgoing – to their contact lists through the app.

While it’s a pretty big step towards facilitating users’ transactions, this feature is only available in India, Brazil, and some users in the United States. Further updates should see the feature brought to more areas. However, it’s important to note that India has one of the fastest-growing digital payment markets, which makes it a prime country to introduce the feature.

How does WhatsApp Pay work?

WhatsApp Pay transfers money directly between bank accounts with the help of UPI or Unified Payments Interface. To use it, all you need is to download WhatsApp and a bank account with WhatsApp banking enabled. It’s important to mention that you must have the same (verified) phone number on both WhatsApp and your bank account. 

Once you’ve made sure you have both, you can move to set up WhatsApp Pay in the app. Once you open WhatsApp, you will notice three vertical dots in the top right corner – the action overflow menu. Select them, and then open Payments from the menu. 

Here, you will get the option to add a new payment method. You will get a list of a few banks to choose from. Of course, you’ll be choosing the bank you have an account of. Once again, you will have to verify your phone number with WhatsApp. 

Afterward, WhatsApp will display a list of accounts registered with your phone number. Simply select the one you wish to use and hit done to finish setting up this payment method!

After setting up WhatsApp Pay, sending payments is as easy as selecting the ‘Attach’ pin and selecting ‘payment’. You will then have to enter the last six digits of your debit card as well as the expiration date. Once you set up a UPI pin, you can send money to anyone in your contact list using WhatsApp Pay.

Why is this important for online casino players?

As previously mentioned, only Indian, Brazilian, and some US casino players can use this feature. However, there’s no doubt that the company will introduce WhatsApp Pay to more countries soon.

Using WhatsApp Pay to play in online casinos could leave the user with a feeling of safety and security, as WhatsApp has a great technical support team. Additionally, paying through WhatsApp seems very simple because of the great user interface. Finally, it removes the need to download another payment app if you’re already using WhatsApp for messaging!

Overall, the use of WhatsApp Pay in online casinos can bring a world of benefits to online casino players. Hopefully, with the introduction of the feature in more countries, there will also be more casinos that accept this payment method!

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