Whatsapp to Launch Customer-Business Chat Feature

Previously, any sale took place live. The client communicated directly with the seller, consulted, and only made a purchase. But later came the era of online shopping and service provision. 

In just a few clicks, the user could purchase everything he needed while avoiding personal communication or the need to go anywhere. Accordingly, businesses invested in advertising on online platforms to stimulate people to buy there. Now, in the stream of new information, products, and services, the user gets lost and needs that human interaction again. In today’s world, everyone wants an individual approach. 

Accordingly, where there is demand, there is also supply. WhatsApp Business app is a solution to this requirement. WhatsApp has a vast reach, with more than 2 billion active users around the world, which is about a quarter of the population, and that’s why this application has become an excellent platform for businesses to establish personal communication with customers. 

Let’s take a closer look at what features this app offers you as a business owner.

The best features WhatsApp Business offers

  1. Quick replies

This function considers both the desire of the client to receive the answer as soon as possible and saves the time of your employee being in direct contact with the client. If you have decided to develop and scale your business, then engaging in mobile application development services will be a good idea. 

In the app, the client will be able to examine your products in more detail, and when he has additional questions when he presses the “customer service” button, a WhatsApp conversation will be launched. You can analyze which questions users ask most often and adjust the answers accordingly. 

Thus, the manager will select the solution that best corresponds to the request by pressing one button.

  1. Contacts labels

Your business is growing, and new orders come every day, and these are automatically additional chats in the app. And if they are not structured, it will be easy to get lost. And this can leave your customer without an answer, which will automatically negatively affect your reputation. 

You can set labels for each incoming request in WhatsApp Business to avoid this. Of course, you create the labels yourself according to your needs. Meta also recently introduced a new option for an additional fee to manage chats on 10 devices. This is a fantastic point for medium and large companies.

  1. Automatic greeting messages and automatic away message

Again, fast responses are critical for today’s users. The greeting is the message that will start your every chat with the client. So what is the need to write one letter a thousand times? That’s right, none. 

WhatsApp for business allows you to create automatic welcome messages that will be sent to the customer after he starts a dialogue. Automated Away Message works according to a similar scheme. For example, suppose a person contacted the chat during non-working hours of the company. In that case, a message about this is automatically sent to him with an approximate waiting time or your work start time.

  1. Message statistics

To monitor communication effectiveness in the WhatsApp Business app, business owners are offered an information panel on which they will see various indicators. For example, the number of messages sent, unread, etc. 

But if you see that your company has some gaps in general, then it is better to turn to a professional business analysis service like https://mlsdev.com/services/business-analysis. This will allow you to make an in-depth analysis and solve all problems efficiently and quickly thanks to a skilled team.

  1. List messages and reply buttons

This feature means that now you will not have to send each item separately, and you can fit up to 10 options in one message. Then the client clicks on the option that best meets his needs. 

This makes interaction easier for the client and saves time for a detailed description of wishes. The Reply button works on a somewhat similar system as the menu. The user chooses up to three options corresponding to the desired request.

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