Which MMORPGs Have The Best Action Combat Systems?

MMORPG combat systems are generally very similar to their offline counterparts. They’re essentially a combination of all the designs that you would have to deal with in a standard RPG, such as magic, armor, weapon types, and so on.

However, they are also somewhat different from a traditional RPG, such as the fact that you are fighting other players rather than monsters. This can be very similar in some cases, but others.

For example, in a deep-action game like Lost Ark, in which you are fighting other real players online, the difference between fighting monsters and other players is enormous.

My favorite is Guild Wars 2’s combat system, which relies on solid abilities and skilled evasion. However, Guild Wars 2 still uses tag targeting because you can easily switch between enemies, and your skills are guaranteed to hit them. The combat system gets lovely when you activate what’s called an action cam. Then you have to aim.

What MMORPGs have the best combat systems? In this article, we review different games and the pros and cons of each combat system. We also suggest some online games with great combat systems to check out!

Lost Ark

Lost Ark relies on an ISO perspective, as you’ve learned from games like Diablo 3 and Path of Exile. Lost Ark’s combat system approaches the whole thing in an equally quick way.

But you don’t blindly kill your way through hordes of monsters to clear the map as quickly as possible, and the MMORPG is more about fighting powerful raid bosses. PvP and dungeons are also waiting for you in the game.

All 15 different classes play something different with us and bring more depth to the combat system than you might expect at first. For example, each style brings a buff to the team, which you must consider late in the game.

Additionally, the game works with many different status effects and counters to them. So the action combat in Lost Ark has a lot of tactics. By the way, these games are buttery smooth with smooth animations so that you can enjoy the fast-paced combat system.

What else is there in the game besides fighting?

The Lost Ark will offer a variety of content at launch. You’ll be able to complete hundreds of quests, get a lot of Lost Ark gold, master dozens of dungeons, and fight bosses in the open world, and NPCs can also get Gold by building relationships.

The game tells an exciting story of a demon infesting the world. That happened some time ago, when you could use the Ark to exorcise evil, and that’s precisely what you had to find.

In addition to the stories and quests, you can also drop into a variety of side quests, including:

Shipbuilding and Shipping

Build relationships with NPCs


PvP and leaderboards in unique arenas

Who is the Lost Ark valuable to?

Lost Ark is the perfect game for hack-and-slash combat lovers, combining classic MMORPG features like guilds, housing, dungeons, raids, and PvP. There will be a lot of content at launch that will keep you busy for months.

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online relies on an active combat system where you aim directly at the enemy for your attacks and abilities to hit. Unlike Black Desert, however, the game supports capabilities placed directly on the target.

In addition to dodge, ESO relies on block mechanics and critical hits, which can be performed by holding down a normal attack for a long time. They also restore stamina, a resource used for attacking and dodging.

However, the spells and abilities in ESO seem relatively light. You don’t feel the sheer size of Black Desert or New World, and enemies barely respond to attacks. Another point of criticism is the cancellation of animations.

If you want to reach the highest DPS numbers, you have to use tricks after a hit to interrupt the energy to use the next attack faster.

However, ESO offers more class freedom, as you can access skill libraries from different guilds, races, and armor types in addition to specific skills. It doesn’t matter which of the six courses you choose.

What else is there in the game besides fighting?

ESO is a theme park MMORPG, and above all, it’s a beautiful story. Each mission in the game is accompanied by music and promises a fun adventure that you can always complete on your own.

Thanks to the unique zoom ratio, you can view the latest content and extensions right from the start. You’ll be upgraded directly to the highest level in the background and can take on any enemy. If the content is too difficult for you, you can use your new partner since Blackwood.

If you want, you can also take part in dungeons and so-called trials, 12-player raids with even more significant challenges. PvP fans can also get their money’s worth in Cyrodiil’s battlegrounds and great alliance battles.

Who is ESO valuable to?

The Elder Scrolls Online is for theme park fans who want to experience beautiful and exciting stories. MMORPGs are instantly convincing because of the level. In the long run, you can get lost in the details of crafting, collecting sets or achievements, and mentioning group content.

However, many players find ESO too easy. Monetization has also been criticized. An expansion pack and three DLCs are released every year. These DLCs can be purchased or unlocked during ESO+ (optional subscription). However, ESO+ brings other valuable rewards, such as crafting packs, so at least core players consider using a subscription almost a must.

New World

New World relies on a relatively unfamiliar and slow MMORPG combat system, so it is the exact opposite of Lost Ark. Even the normal attack or dodge animations are enormous and take a lot of time. New World only offers regular and heavy attacks and three abilities per weapon.

This is why you must plan early on which attacks and abilities to use and when to block or dodge. Since you can switch between the two weapons during combat, you have a total of six skills at your disposal, some of which have long recharge times.

This gives the combat system a tactical component. However, the current sync bug is a bit annoying, so sometimes, changing weapons or using abilities isn’t immediately possible.

The new world has no career system but relies on 12 different weapons that you can train and whose abilities you can use at will. Additionally, enemy attacks are potent, often causing you to stagger and be interrupted in the middle of your attack. This can be overwhelming for beginners, especially in PvP.

What else is there in the game besides fighting?

New World relies on a mix of MMORPG and Survival, and you need New World Coins to buy and renew house upgrade gear. You can still notice the survival aspect when collecting and crafting. Because you moved to the open world, chopped down trees and ore, and pitched a tent where you respawned.

The essential atmosphere and territorial fights are more reminiscent of such a game.

On the other hand, there is an instance of PvP in the main story, side quests, dungeons, and Outpost Storm, which is a 20v20 queue mode. This content is reminiscent of an MMORPG.

Since its release, New World has been criticized for its monotony, hard training, and some bugs in the level stages. However, it has also attracted many fans who play it regularly.

Who is the new world valuable to?

Overall, New World is reminiscent of Conan Exiles and ESO mix. Anyone who enjoys exploring areas, crafting, and, more recently, hardcore dungeons should check out MMORPGs. There is also some content for PvP fans.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

The combat in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is incredibly action-packed and fun. This is mainly because you are constantly flying around or teleporting and continuously changing your location. This creates a lot of energy.

Attacks and abilities rely on large and rarely overloaded animations. However, they are not as massive as New World or Venditus. The enemy’s response to attacks is more limited, leading to what many call a floating effect.

The number of abilities for each class is also limited so that you can switch your role through 6 possible classes. However, flying in PSO2: New Genesis makes up for the lack of skill and bulk.

What else is there in the game besides fighting?

New Genesis is kind of like a sequel to Phantasy Star Online 2. With this expansion, the game becomes more like an MMORPG, an open game world.

Various missions and many bosses are waiting for you in this world, and you can fight together with other players. Graphically and engine-wise, the game has also received a significant update, and it now looks better and runs smoother.

However, there were also criticisms that Endgame had too little content. However, a new update was released in December for precisely this purpose.


Neverwinter’s combat system is based on the fourth edition of Dungeons and Dragons, and the MMORPG is faster and more action-packed. It would be best if you actively targeted enemies before using attacks and skills on them.

However, they don’t look as powerful when hit in New World or Black Desert. Additionally, you can use eight different skills in your class, some of which have long animations during which you cannot move.

This detracts from the action and resonates with some players, as summoning a giant fireball in flight feels illogical. Also, the overall combat system feels more strategic than ESO or PSO2.

What else is there in the game besides fighting?

Based on the world of Dungeons & Dragons, Neverwinter is one of the most successful MMORPGs on the market. In the game, you create a hero, follow a fixed story, complete quests, and enter a dark dungeon.

The focus of the game is the story. You don’t level up by experience but by completing story missions.

The game world is divided into many instance areas and dungeons

The combat system is dynamic and features dodge. have fun

Group content is the focus, but many things can also be done individually

There are many ways to customize your character

Neverwinter convinces the vast amount of content it has accumulated over the years since its release. As such, it’s one of the best MMORPGs on consoles.

Who is Neverwinter Nights good for?

Neverwinter is an MMORPG for story buffs, D&D nerds, and gamers who like to experience action-packed combat. Especially the dungeons and bosses will be a big challenge, which can be fun in a team.


Vindictus is the most comparable to Black Desert in terms of combat systems. Animations are enormous, although not as overloaded as BDO.

There are no vast effects and no ties to lengthy animations, and combat feels a bit smoother overall. Overall, the dynamics in action are excellent, and you have to avoid enemy attacks constantly.

Time and time again, exciting interactions with physics, like when an enemy is thrown a few meters away by an explosion or attack. However, there were criticisms of the credibility of the attack. It might be fun, but not everyone likes it.

In Vindictus, you can choose from 19 characters you control in battle. However, it’s one of those MMORPGs that doesn’t have a Trinity at all.

What else is there in the game besides fighting?

Vindictus is a hub-based MMORPG. This means that you can only meet other players in the city, but outside the city, you can venture out alone or in groups, similar to Guild Wars 1.

Various dungeons await you and later raids, where you can farm to improve your gear. The Vindictus ending is also designed for fashion.

Who is the Venditus valuable to? Anyone who enjoys fast, action-packed combat in an Asian setting wants dungeons and raids and relies on fashion in the final stages should give Vindictus a shot.

However, it’s not a classic MMORPG with an open world and side jobs like fishing or housing. The equipment can also be destroyed when leveling up in the Endgame, which many players don’t like.


There is no clear answer to which MMORPG combat system is best. All systems have their strengths and weaknesses. The game’s design and player preference will determine which system is the most enjoyable for players.

However, it is clear that the hybridization of MMORPG combat systems has been and will continue to be an important trend in the development of MMOs.

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