Why Choose MS Access Over Other Database Management Systems?

Microsoft Access Online is a database management system that enables one to design and control databases. It is provided in the Office Professional and Business suite by Microsoft. Access is a robust tool for developing multiple databases for use in business. But as Excel is most preferred for analyzing and storing data by the users. So, the question arises: Why choose MS Access over other database management systems?

Here are the benefits of MS Access you should consider:

Easy and efficient for designing relational databases.

Microsoft Access enables users to design relational databases in a simple and efficient manner. Learning Access is very easy and instantaneous, once a user has understood the relational database theory required for designing it, they can just open Access to get started for designing tables and relationships. There is no need for supplementary software, system support, or IT experts to assist with the installation of elements like there are with other database management systems.

The user interface is similar to the Office interface.

The benefit of designing and classifying a database created in Access is that end-users or different developers who want to use or edit the database, will not be confused by the interface. The interface has all the features of the Office standard software and some of the common shortcut keys. unfamiliar user interface plays an important role in the selection and usage of database-centered applications. So, with Access databases, users do not face this issue due to its relevancy. Using a vdi desktop as a service can increase your productivity and efficiency.

Using VBA to design complete data-centric applications.

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), available on MS Access and the other Office applications as a programming language and environment. Hence, users can create complete data-centric applications by utilizing VBA programming methods. Programmers using Access increase the level of the standard databases with tables, forms, and reports and can deal with individual user requirements that may need control through programming. For example, using loops as part of your code to loop through several reports and select and export specific reports of interest.

Easy sharing and editing

Access has a multi-user element that enables users to share their database with up to 40 other users simultaneously. This implies that if several users or admin want to join or update the same database then they are all allowed to make edits or adjustments without losing the data. Access also allows users to design a Web Application that enables other users to modify or edit specific elements of the same database from a web browser.

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