Why Gritzo Super Milk Is Perfectly Suited For Active Children

If your child is a fussy eater or if you are looking for sources of better protein intake for your little one, Gritzo Super Milk is one of the best options. This is a protein drink that is specially formulated for active children. With the right amount of protein for each age group and high-quality ingredients, this is one of the best protein drinks for kids. It is 100% safe for your child and is loaded with beneficial features. 

What Makes Gritzo Perfect for Active Children?

This is one of the most popular protein drinks for kids for various reasons: 

  • The formula is scientifically backed: The special formula of Gritzo is the result of extensive research. It is created to suit the age group and the activity levels of your child. Since nutritional requirements vary according to these three factors, you have the option of choosing between three variants of Gritzo Super Milk for your child. 
  • High-quality nutrients: Safety is the primary concern when it comes to protein drinks for kids. Gritzo ensures that their products are safe for your little one by using only the best products. The protein source in this product is whey derived from milk. It does not contain any soy or gluten that can be harmful to your child. It contains the best vegetarian source of calcium, namely calcium citrate malate. It provides your child with 100% RDA of calcium-based on his or her age and activity levels. 
  • Free from harmful additives: This product does not contain any refined sugar. The sweetness comes from unrefined cane sugar which is great for children. It is also one of the few protein drinks for kids that contains natural chocolate flavour. Not only is it safe, but it is also delicious. In addition to this, Gritzo is free from any preservatives, trans fats, artificial colours and flavours. 

Age Appropriate Variants

There are three variants of Gritzo protein drinks for kids that you can choose based on the age group that your little one belongs to : 

  • Super Milk Active Kids 4-7 years- 
  • It contains 6 grams of protein per serving. 
  • Includes calcium and vitamin D3 for stronger bones. 
  • DHA helps in brain development of children in this age group. 
  • Contains electrolytes and additional vitamins and minerals that help children stay active. 
  • Super Milk Young Athletes 8-12 years- 
  • Contains 10g of protein per serving. 
  • Calcium and Vitamin D3 help the bones become stronger. 
  • It contains 21 vitamins and minerals along with electrolytes to help athletic children. 
  • Super Milk Teen Athletes 13+ years- 
  • It contains 13g of protein in every serving. 
  • Calcium and Vitamin D3 help the bones become stronger. 
  • 21 vitamins and minerals help bridge any nutritional gaps 
  • Electrolytes prevent dehydration in athletic children. 

These protein drinks for kids are specially designed to suit each age group to ensure that there is no over-consumption or under-consumption of vital nutrients. 

Why Do Active Kids Need Protein Drinks 

Protein is one of the most important nutrients for children, especially if they are active. It is responsible for all the repair and recovery that takes place in the body. Choosing the right protein drinks for kids like Gritzo Super Milk has several benefits, such as: 

  • Increased strength: When the body has the right amount of protein intake, the formation of new muscle fibres is faster. If your child is athletic but does not have adequate nutrition, you will notice extensive muscle loss. This is because the muscles do not have the nutrients necessary to repair themselves after strenuous physical activity. With protein drinks for kids like Gritzo that contain whey proteins, your child gets all the amino acids he or she needs for muscles to become stronger and also more voluminous. 
  • Improved stamina: When muscles are unable to recover quickly, there is another issue. They become stiff and sore. This means that your child is not able to perform to his or her best abilities. They also begin to feel tired faster. With protein drinks for kids like Gritzo not only is this avoided, your child also gets additional nutrients that improve energy levels and performance. They have the advantage of vitamins and minerals that keep them going even when they are training hard. The added electrolytes in Gritzo products also prevent any chance of dehydration due to strenuous activity. 
  • Stronger bones: One of the most important features of Gritzo Super Milk is the inclusion of Vitamin D3 in the formula. The role of Vitamin D3 is to help improve the absorption of calcium in the bones. Without this, no matter how much calcium your child consumes, the results are not as effective. Gritzo protein drinks for kids contain a combination of Vitamin D3 and calcium which helps make the bones stronger. In fact, this special formula helps increase calcium absorption by three times. 

When to Use Gritzo Super Milk

For best results, protein drinks for kids should be provided as follows: 

  • After training: After any physically challenging activity, muscles are starved of amino acids. Giving your child protein drinks for kids immediately after training replenishes the muscles and starts the recovery process immediately.
  • In between meals: These protein drinks for kids serve as the perfect snack in between meals. They give your child the nutrition that he or she needs. In addition to that, they also stay fuller for longer. This means no unwanted snacking or hunger pangs. 
  • Along with breakfast: Give your child a healthy start to the day by adding a serving of these protein drinks along with regular breakfast.  Protein intake in the morning keeps your child feeling fuller for longer, improves energy levels and also helps them concentrate better. 

Adding a serving of a protein drink to a well-balanced diet will have noticeable results with your child’s overall health and performance. 

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